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Andreas Vollenweider 3/21/2000
Andreas Vollenweider's Cosmopoly finds the Swiss harpist collaborating with artists like Carlos Nunez, Abdulla Ibrahim, and Ray Anderson, and exploring the music of Africa, Brazil, China, Ireland, and the U.S. Fittingly, Vollenweider's palette of instruments on this album includes the ocarina, gu cheng, baby koto, 12-string guitar, Bavarian folk harp, Celtic harp, and Chinese harp, along with his usual custom-made rhythm harp. "Morning Poem," Vollenweider's Celtic-inspired duet with Nunez, is all the more moving for its restraint, and the unusual fusion of Bobby McFerrin's vocals with Chinese harp on "Elle Chelle" is another highlight. Ibrahim and Vollenweider create a smoky Armenian atmosphere on their doudouk/harp duet "Hush, My Heart, Be Still," and "Peachtree Valley" evokes a lush Chinese landscape, though the overly glossy production is somewhat distracting. Carly Simon's recitation of part of "Finnegan's Wake" on "Your Silver Key" is also slightly jarring, and some of the album's jazzier tracks seem out of place, but for the most part, Cosmopoly offers an intriguing fusion of traditional, indigenous styles and new musical ideas. ~ Heather Phares
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Morning Poem [Unplugged][Live Classics] PT1M13S
  3. 2 Stella PT5M18S
  4. 3 Elle Chelle [Live Classics][Unplugged] PT3M13S
  5. 4 Vals del Sur [Live Classics] PT3M33S
  6. 5 Hush, My Heart Be Still... [Unplugged][Live Classics] PT5M43S
  7. 6 Petit Smile PT1M54S
  8. 7 Under One Moon [Unplugged] PT4M56S
  9. 8 Ancient Pulse [Live Classics] PT4M
  10. 9 Peachtree Valley [Live Classics] PT3M36S
  11. 10 Bright Moon Still Shining... [Live Classics][Unplugged] PT1M7S
  12. 11 At the Forest Fountain PT6M8S
  13. 12 Your Silver Keys PT1M55S
  14. 13 Long Road to You [Unplugged] PT2M41S
  15. 14 Capriccio [Live Classics] PT2M
  16. 15 Will-O'-The-Wisp (Ignus Fatuus) PT3M57S
  17. 16 Cor Do Amor [Live Classics] PT2M36S
  18. 17 The Fishbirdtree--Little Snap [Live Classics][Unplugged] PT3M46S

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