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Eolian Minstrel

Andreas Vollenweider 11/16/1993
Eolian Minstrel is Andreas Vollenweider's debut SBK Records release and the long awaited followup to his 1991 #1 NAC and jazz album, Book of Roses. Andreas plays a harp, but one that has been modified to produce an extraordinary range of sounds. A damper which he designed himself allows him to strum and pluck with more crispness and percussive attack. A microphone attached to each string allows for greater articulation of individual notes, and hand-made strings further define his unique sonorities. This recording is Andreas' most daring album to date and for the first time features guest vocalists, such as Carly Simon and Eliza Gilkyson. ~ MusD
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Song of Isolde PT1M42S
  3. 2 Across the Iron River (The Return) PT2M44S
  4. 3 Reason Enough (All the King's Men) PT4M27S
  5. 4 Eolian Minstrel PT5M2S
  6. 5 Jaden Maiden PT4M5S
  7. 6 The Secret Shrine of Icarus PT56S
  8. 7 Harvest PT5M22S
  9. 8 The Years in the Forest PT3M45S
  10. 9 Desert of Rain PT4M28S
  11. 10 Private Fires PT4M8S
  12. 11 The Five Sisters PT4M48S
  13. 12 Painter's Waltz PT4M10S
  14. 13 Leaves of the Great Tree PT3M40S
  15. 14 Lake of Time PT1M30S
  16. 15 Eolian Minstrel [Multimedia Track] PT
  17. 16 Harvest [Multimedia Track] PT
  18. 17 The Years in the Forest [Multimedia Track] PT
  19. 18 Painter's Waltz [Multimedia Track] PT

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