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Kryptos [Bonus Tracks]

Andreas Vollenweider 4/7/2010
Swiss harpist Andreas Vollenweider continues his exploration of world fusion on this ambitious, genre-blending release. In addition to the usual presence of Vollenweider's electrified harp, on which he manages to combine the instrument's lush, classical sound with unusual rhythmic effects and uncharacteristic tones, KRYPTOS boasts a range of other instruments, including flutes, synthesizer, human choruses, and a variety of percussion. Stylistically Vollenweider draws on African influences, Greek folk songs, Celtic airs, contemporary Western classical, and dramatic film music. Vollenweider also has a soft spot for mythological themes, as on "Hermes' Wedding" and "Circulus Finalis," which recounts the travels of a hero in musical terms. Vollenweider is clearly building on his successful albums of the early 1980s with KRYPTOS, expanding the reach of his music to encompass the globe.
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Domus Cordis - Father's Tree - the Painted Gate PT4M7S
  3. 2 Morgana Palace PT3M52S
  4. 3 Under the Trees of Hope PT4M9S
  5. 4 Passionata PT5M53S
  6. 5 Wanja the Wanderer PT6M42S
  7. 6 Bhambororo! PT1M43S
  8. 7 Forest Folks PT5M4S
  9. 8 Quendel and Rhomas PT4M19S
  10. 9 Trigon - East of Time - Missa Obscura - South of Time PT7M5S
  11. 10 May Green Be the Grass... PT6M20S
  12. 11 Circulus Finalis - Return of the Heroes - the Heroes' Telling PT3M34S
  13. 12 Light Dance [ (Bonus Track)] PT2M39S
  14. 13 Hey You! Yes, You... [ (Bonus Track)] PT3M13S
  15. 14 Introducing Kryptos [CD-ROM Track] PT
  16. 15 Introducing Vox [CD-ROM Track] PT

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