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Chris Spheeris 1995
While the title Europa may have you expecting some sort of connection to the Santana masterpiece, what guitarist Chris Spheeris and keyboardist Paul Voudouris achieve is stirring in its own right. Often when artist credit is billed to two equals, one winds up playing all the melodies while the other provides some supportive harmonic structure. Here, there is an even trade off. Spheeris takes command acoustically before his partner slinks in for an extended solo, and vice versa on the next track. As is typical of artists associated with the gray area between jazz and new age, the two aim for a soothing vibe rather than a chops explosion. The effect of the exotic if understated percussion is gorgeously hypnotic, like a hang glider soaring into a fertile terrain of clear sky and wind. Despite the soft veneer, Spheeris stands out as a surprisingly plucky guitar master. In time, some of the pieces run calmly together. But for all intents and purposes, it's a conceptual project, so it must be part of the grand design. ~ Jonathan Widran
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Orlando PT4M46S
  3. 2 Seveness by Paul Voudouris PT5M24S
  4. 3 Laguna by Paul Voudouris PT6M32S
  5. 4 Pavane by Paul Voudouris PT2M51S
  6. 5 Bellaire by Paul Voudouris PT5M35S
  7. 6 Aqualuna by Paul Voudouris PT5M12S
  8. 7 Lanotte by Paul Voudouris PT5M55S
  9. 8 Taiku by Paul Voudouris PT6M26S
  10. 9 Maya by Paul Voudouris PT8M7S

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