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Essential Cusco: The Journey

Cusco 31/5/2005
The sweet, lightly funky South American groove in "Da Gama," the leadoff track of Cusco's ESSENTIAL CUSCO: THE JOURNEY lets us know what kind of journey we're headed for. Cusco, the German synthesizer duo of Michael Holm and Kristian Schultze, is not interested in the simmering polyrhythms of modern Latin dance music, but in the ancient sounds of Incan and Mayan civilizations, complete with wood flutes and hand percussion. Neither is Cusco interested in preserving music traditions. Holm and Schultze blend these old-world South American flavors with New Age synthesizers, dance beats, and a penchant for cinematic drama. ESSENTIAL CUSCO collects some of the group's more memorable compositions, including the buoyant, flute-driven "Montezuma," the Native North American-tinged "Ghost Dance," the circular march of "Waters of Cesme," and the orchestral "Flying Condor." Part ethnomusicology experiment, part science-fiction soundtrack, ESSENTIAL CUSCO is a great place to sample the work of this intriguing, genre-blending group.
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Da Gama PT3M34S
  3. 2 Oracle of Delphi PT4M30S
  4. 3 Waters of Cesme PT4M30S
  5. 4 Africa - Afrika PT4M6S
  6. 5 Montezuma PT5M19S
  7. 6 Tula PT5M5S
  8. 7 White Buffalo PT5M21S
  9. 8 Ghost Dance PT5M39S
  10. 9 The Hunt PT4M43S
  11. 10 Flying Condor PT5M24S
  12. 11 Flute Battle PT2M37S
  13. 12 Australia PT6M8S

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