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Inner Journeys: Myths and Legends

Cusco 3/25/2003
With its lush melodies, tribal rhythms and chants and soaring flute driven energy, Cusco has cornered the market on mystical world music since becoming one of Higher Octave Music's mainstays over 15 years ago. They could have sold those two million units based on the engaging, spirit-energizing music alone, but no doubt dedicated listeners have been prompted to brush up on Inca and Aztec civilizations, which fueled this brainchild of German born group leader Michael Holm. This sweeping and provocative new disc blends a multitude of world cultures while delving into the adventure, magic, and mystery of ancient myths and legends. These odes to the "Oracle of Delphi" (blending a lush, dare we say, Yanni-esque piano with exciting chanting and throbbing grooves), "Eros and Psyche" (soundscape with Incan flute flavors), "Janus" (a loping adventure as the flute treks through the forest), and "Poseidon" (imagine dark ocean caverns) will inspire not only spiritual peace in the present but also a link to our collective past. Using the song titles as guides, the listener may feel the urge to study up on the enduring legends which continue to captivate and inspire today. ~ Jonathan Widran
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Oracle of Delphi PT4M31S
  3. 2 Eros and Psyche PT5M4S
  4. 3 Ariadne PT6M17S
  5. 4 The Nine Muses PT6M7S
  6. 5 Odysseus and the Sirens PT9M1S
  7. 6 Aphrodite PT4M35S
  8. 7 Janus PT3M35S
  9. 8 Orpheus and Eurydice PT5M58S
  10. 9 Pan and the Nymph PT3M50S
  11. 10 Poseidon PT5M1S

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