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Citizen of the World

David Arkenstone 6/29/1999
David Arkenstone is a veteran new age music composer and musician. He is also diverse and versatile, able to perform in many different arenas and styles. For Citizen of the World, he gathered all of his diversity into one box and spread it across 56 minutes. As stated above, Arkenstone performs quite capably. With the possible exception of the final track of the disc, "Into the Dreamtime," that's exactly what this is: a capable rendering of worldbeat and new age styles. It is not until that final track that listeners will hear spirit and soul. Of course, it is difficult -- nay, impossible -- to enter the dreamtime superficially. This is a good CD; don't misread or misquote this impression. Arkenstone has done better and he has done worse. There are neither challenges nor offenses on this disc. ~ Jim Brenholts
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Forest Runners PT5M55S
  3. 2 Desert Crossing PT5M21S
  4. 3 Moonflower PT5M8S
  5. 4 The Gypsy Camp PT4M20S
  6. 5 Safe Passage PT4M58S
  7. 6 Ceremony PT6M25S
  8. 7 Land of the Tiger PT6M21S
  9. 8 Carried Away Across the Sea PT4M36S
  10. 9 Temple of the Pharoah PT6M6S
  11. 10 Into the Dreamtime PT7M15S

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