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Citizen of Time

David Arkenstone 22//1998
David Arkenstone's Citizen of Time aims to tell the story of a voyager visiting the past and present of Earthly civilization. It incorporates plenty of ethnic toning into the composer's normal new age keyboard wizardry, suggesting the unification and definitions between the planet's various cultures. "Great Wall" features pan-Asian wind and string instruments; "Voices of the Anasazi" opens with the haunting call of a Native American flute. But while their use is inspired, the synthesized processing of these sounds sanitizes and homogenizes them. They aren't allowed to accent Arkenstone's signature sound as much as fit into it, and this tends to make the album resonate less than it might have. This might not matter to longtime fans of the artist, who will likely be satisfied with the album's consistently strong contemporary instrumental arrangements. But from the standpoint of its concept, Citizen of Time is a bit faltering. ~ Johnny Loftus
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Top of the World PT4M47S
  3. 2 The Great Wall PT4M41S
  4. 3 Firestix PT3M56S
  5. 4 Out of the Forest and into the Trees PT4M35S
  6. 5 The Malabar Caves PT3M29S
  7. 6 Voices of the Anasazi PT4M41S
  8. 7 The Northern Lights PT4M24S
  9. 8 Rumours of Egypt PT5M56S
  10. 9 Splendor of the Sun PT4M
  11. 10 Explorers PT7M44S

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