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Quest of the Dream Warrior

David Arkenstone 22//1998
A concept album with a story written in tandem with fantasy writer Mercedes Lackey, Quest of the Dream Warrior tells the tale of Kyla, a brave maiden who follows her dream quest through a magical world to find her father. A captivating story from Arkenstone and Lackey and excellent music from Arkenstone makes this disc well worth a listen. Arkenstone's compositions are as superior as ever, with powerfully moving arrangements and dramatic song structures. Keyboards, guitars, percussion and orchestral arrangements blend to paint a pure sonic landscape, a fine background for the engaging storyline. Arkenstone's choral vocals help add to the sense of mystery and wonder, as does the beautiful illustrated map that details Kyla's journey through the Land. Standouts include "Prelude: Tallis the Messenger," "The Journey Begins: Kyla's Ride," "Dance of the Maidens" and "The Magic Forest." This is a very good disc. ~ Phil Carter
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Prelude: Tallis the Messenger PT6M18S
  3. 2 Rhythms of Vision PT4M44S
  4. 3 The Journey Begins: Kyla's Ride PT5M17S
  5. 4 The Voice PT4M59S
  6. 5 Dance of the Maidens PT4M28S
  7. 7 Road to the Sea PT5M55S
  8. 8 The Temple of Vaal PT5M33S
  9. 9 Wings of the Shadow PT5M24S
  10. 10 Homecoming PT4M16S

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