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Spirit Wind

David Arkenstone 31/1/1997
David Arkenstone is one of those guys you'd just love to hate. Arkenstone, not Yanni, should be new age's favorite whipping boy. He's got that big, poofy hair; he deigns to call himself a storyteller, not "just" a musician; he infuses Native American music with new age synth stylings; and Spirit Wind even comes packaged with incense! Only problem is, like Yanni, Arkenstone delivers the goods. He plays keyboards, guitar, even flute on this disc. He's audacious, but he can be subtle too. The opening track, "The Ancient Road," moves from Native American sounds to a hip-hop beat so skillfully you hardly even notice the transition. If Yanni is the genre's answer to the Moody Blues, Arkenstone might be thought of as new age's version of Peter Gabriel. His blending of various exotic beats with both organic and synthetic sounds is quite comparable, and like Gabriel, he comes off as a sincere innovator rather than a mystic dilettante. Even at his worst, Arkenstone is interesting. At his best, as on this disc, he is compelling. ~ Ross Boissoneau
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 The Ancient Road PT4M22S
  3. 2 Destiny PT2M43S
  4. 3 Companions PT3M35S
  5. 4 Magic PT1M44S
  6. 5 Night Visions PT3M40S
  7. 6 Continue to Be PT3M28S
  8. 7 The Wolf Hunt PT1M32S
  9. 8 Northern Song PT4M2S
  10. 9 Wind in the Trees PT3M11S
  11. 10 A Special Place PT2M35S
  12. 11 River Crossing PT3M48S
  13. 12 Legends PT2M37S
  14. 13 Changes PT2M36S
  15. 14 Spirit Wind PT4M58S
  16. 15 The Long Way Home PT6M51S

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