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Visionary: The Ultimate Narada Collection

David Arkenstone 12/9/2002
David Arkenstone's career has been a long and unusual one. On one hand, he makes new age music that takes influence from composers like John Williams, Brian Eno, and Tangerine Dream. On the other hand, most of his songs are highly based in fantasy and science fiction, taking their inspiration from the works of Mercedes Lackey and J.R.R. Tolkien. It is this bizarre mishmash of influences that produces some of the most recognized and respected instrumentals of the '80s and '90s. The album is programmed quite nicely, taking the listener on a sonic journey through Arkenstone's career by attempting to capture certain moods and styles from song to song. The transitions are flawless, leaving the listener without any tracks to skip through or slow moments. Arkenstone's compositions are quite beautiful, moving slowly with lush keyboards, ringing guitar, sparse percussion, and the occasional lone female vocal haunting the background. While most composers of this kind tend to overindulge or make music so ambient that it loses the listener, Arkenstone makes music that is subtly engaging. The strong melodies and gorgeous flourishes are hidden right below the surface, so it is easy to both actively listen to his music and zone out to it. Either way, this collection is a beautiful representation of a career that has lasted for years based on strong, influential new age music. ~ Bradley Torreano
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Papillon PT5M16S
  3. 2 The Magic Forest PT5M22S
  4. 3 Night Wind PT3M45S
  5. 4 City in the Clouds PT6M22S
  6. 5 The Great Wall PT4M41S
  7. 6 Under the Canopy PT4M18S
  8. 7 A Thousand Small Gold Bells PT6M4S
  9. 8 Heartfire PT3M19S
  10. 9 Dark Dunes PT3M10S
  11. 10 Rendezvous PT5M27S
  12. 11 The North Wind PT6M36S
  13. 12 Ride into Midnight PT6M41S
  14. 1 The Journey Begins PT5M18S
  15. 2 Chosen Voices PT6M25S
  16. 3 Ballet PT4M5S
  17. 4 Ancient Legend PT3M54S
  18. 5 Inshallah PT5M58S
  19. 6 Trail of Tears PT4M57S
  20. 7 Voices of the Anasazi PT4M40S
  21. 8 Another Star in the Sky PT4M47S
  22. 9 Dance in the Desert PT6M1S
  23. 10 The Temple of Vaal PT5M33S
  24. 11 Valley in the Clouds PT3M30S
  25. 12 Desert Ride PT4M6S
  26. 13 The Southern Cross PT5M14S

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