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Here Comes the Sun

David Lanz 31/3/2012
What has become a given is that as long as people are interested in taking up instruments and making some noise, they will eventually circle back upon the rich catalog of songs created by the Beatles. These are the pop standards of modern life. The only real difference is in how the songs get interpreted. In the case of David Lanz, even the spriteliest of Beatles tunes is reduced to magisterial piano instrumentals with woodwind and cello accompaniment. To be fair, it's not the most original of ideas, but Lanz approaches these songs with a delicacy and care that is the mark of a true student of Lennon & McCartney. Of course, those aren't the only songwriters in the group, as Lanz points out in the liner notes. As the title might suggest, this collection is primarily a tribute to the contributions of George Harrison. Granted, this is reduced to merely one track -- a fine rendition of the title track -- but Lanz also includes an original entitled simply "Sir George." For all the great moments on this album, that final track is probably the disc's shining moment. It pays homage to the sound of the Beatles without relying on simply copying their playbook directly. Sir George and the rest of the Fab Four would likely approve. ~ Robert Ham
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Prelude: Sunrise Follows Moon PT51S
  3. 2 Here Comes the Sun PT3M29S
  4. 3 Help! PT4M11S
  5. 4 Mother Nature's Son PT5M54S
  6. 5 For No One PT3M58S
  7. 6 There's a Place PT6M48S
  8. 7 Please Please Me PT5M10S
  9. 8 Penny Lane PT4M28S
  10. 9 I Am the Walrus PT6M20S
  11. 10 "Sir George" (Liverpool Farewell) PT4M17S

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