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The Very Best of Enya

Enya 12/1/2009
Comprised of 18 tracks culled from the singer/composer’s first three decades, The Very Best of Enya was pieced together by the artist herself, along with longtime collaborators Nicky and Roma Ryan. Luckily, the trio seems enamored by most of the same songs that the general public is, resulting in one of those rare “greatest-hits” collections that goes deep without depriving the listener of the essentials. With tunes like "Orinoco Flow," "Caribbean Blue," and "Book of Days" in the pot and out of the way, it’s easier to appreciate hidden gems like "Cursum Perficio," "Boadicea," "Trains and Winter Rains," and "Anywhere Is." Also notable is the inclusion of "May It Be" and a previously unreleased version of "Aníron (I Desire)," both of which originally appeared on the soundtrack for the first chapter of Peter Jackson’s beloved Lord of the Rings trilogy. ~ James Christopher Monger
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Orinoco Flow PT4M24S
  3. 2 Aníron (I Desire) [Theme for Aragorn & Arwen] PT2M39S
  4. 3 Storms in Africa PT4M2S
  5. 4 Caribbean Blue PT3M56S
  6. 5 Book of Days PT2M53S
  7. 6 The Celts PT2M54S
  8. 7 Only Time PT3M34S
  9. 8 Wild Child PT3M45S
  10. 9 Water Shows the Hidden Heart PT4M36S
  11. 10 Anywhere Is PT3M54S
  12. 11 Cursum Perficio PT4M6S
  13. 12 Amarantine PT3M8S
  14. 13 Aldebaran PT3M3S
  15. 14 Trains and Winter Rains PT3M39S
  16. 15 Watermark PT2M23S
  17. 16 Boadicea PT3M27S
  18. 17 A Day Without Rain PT2M33S
  19. 18 May It Be PT3M29S
  20. 19 Oíche Chiúin [Chorale] PT3M46S

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