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Acoustic Garden


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  1. Leap of Faith
  2. The Gift
  3. Homeland
  4. Leap of Faith
  5. A Moment's Peace
Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel 8/13/2002
Leave it to the environmentally conscious marketing geniuses at new age/worldbeat mecca Narada to come up with the first ever plantable CD cover, made from 100 percent tree-free cotton infused with wildflower seeds. One hopes that the credits on this fine outing by the veteran guitar-woodwind duo won't be buried beneath the earth as well, because they work with a handful of Puget Sound's best pianists and keyboardists, from former labelmate David Lanz (the lush, mystical ballad "Deep in My Soul") to Tom Kellock, Nick Moore, and Jovino Santos Neto. Stylistically, Tingstad and Rumbel vary the rhythms from laid-back, lyrical folk (the title track) to more exotic twists like "Shamrock" (a vibrant yet restrained jig) and the peppy, flamenco-tinged "Havana." Most of the other tracks are good, strolling numbers, with catchy, strumming acoustic guitar, whimsical horns, and down-home beats. Suggestion for the next album: Run photos of the wildflowers grown with the album cover and write songs inspired by those photos. ~ Jonathan Widran
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Acoustic Garden PT4M18S
  3. 2 Blue Martini featuring Eric Tingstad PT3M35S
  4. 3 Shamrock featuring Eric Tingstad PT3M55S
  5. 4 Deep in My Soul featuring Eric Tingstad PT3M34S
  6. 5 Empire Builder featuring Eric Tingstad PT3M55S
  7. 6 Clear Moon, Quiet Winds featuring Eric Tingstad PT3M44S
  8. 7 Prairie Schooner featuring Eric Tingstad PT4M7S
  9. 8 Les Jardins de Nohant featuring Eric Tingstad PT3M57S
  10. 9 Havana featuring Eric Tingstad PT3M37S
  11. 10 San Antonio featuring Eric Tingstad PT4M2S
  12. 11 Drayton Hall featuring Eric Tingstad PT3M49S
  13. 12 Windows on the World featuring Eric Tingstad PT4M52S
  14. 13 Talk of Angels featuring Eric Tingstad PT3M5S

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