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  1. Leap of Faith
  2. The Gift
  3. Homeland
  4. Leap of Faith
  5. A Moment's Peace
Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel 6/2/1998
It's interesting that oboist Nancy Rumbel and guitarist Eric Tingstad elected to identify their latest melodic effort as "American." The roots of their individual as well as collaborative work has been characterized as variously Asian, South American, South African, and North American folk, as well as deemed "chamber jazz," "neo-classical," "progressive pastoral," and "Northwest impressionism." Such classification should defy classification, although American Acoustic begs to add some new genre dear to environmentalists, for this is exactly the sort of sound you'd expect to hear at popular outdoor concerts in the Pacific Northwest, during which the performers distribute little trees and planting pamphlets. Around their issues Tingstad and Rumbel deliver a slightly gutless, new-agey "Shenandoah," as well as a perkier, flutier "Give and Take." "Oaks" is the most balanced oboe and guitar collaboration, but the best cut is Tingstad's apparently solo "Appalachia Calling," which rocks, progressively (as did Tingstad himself, in a former musical life). So many influences, so few instruments -- but true to its nature, it's as gentle and utterly inoppressive as a frolic in the grass. ~ Becky Byrkit
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Shenandoah PT5M37S
  3. 2 Alligator Alley PT4M17S
  4. 3 Give and Take PT2M50S
  5. 4 Shadow Dancer PT3M38S
  6. 5 Oaks PT4M48S
  7. 6 Johnny Appleseed PT3M56S
  8. 7 Gigue PT3M8S
  9. 8 Secrets of the Big Sky PT5M
  10. 9 The Eyes of Amelia PT5M52S
  11. 10 Don Juan PT4M25S
  12. 11 The Merced PT3M43S
  13. 1 The Children's Garden PT3M53S
  14. 2 Clancy's Heart PT5M6S
  15. 3 Aria PT4M26S
  16. 4 Jewels in the Crown PT3M44S
  17. 5 Sacajawea PT5M52S
  18. 6 Appalachia Calling PT3M21S
  19. 7 Danza Mora PT3M18S
  20. 8 Peru PT3M22S
  21. 9 Prairie Lullaby PT2M53S
  22. 10 Medicine Tree PT5M2S
  23. 11 Coyote Dance PT2M33S
  24. 12 La Fogata PT2M56S

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