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Acoustic Elegance: Ultimate Collection


Other albums by Eric Tingstad/Nancy Rumbel

  1. Leap of Faith
  2. The Gift
  3. Homeland
  4. Leap of Faith
  5. A Moment's Peace
Eric Tingstad/Nancy Rumbel 8/5/2003
Acoustic guitarist Eric Tingstad has been working with English horn and oboe player Rumbel since 1985 for the Narada label, and a wide array of their work is collected on this generous 2-program collection. Styles range from Celtic to Spanish to rural Americana, and often touch on the Middle Eastern and exotic in flavor (as in the almost Arabian lilt to "La Fogota"). Conjuring warm emotions and memories, these tracks are all amazing, with the gorgeous and evocative "Empire Builder" being a true highlight. Tingstad's guitar work is so warm and inviting and Rumbel's English horn so sweet and radiant it feels like the sun is shining no matter where one may be listening. "Talk of Angels" opens with a lilting duet of piano and acoustic guitar whispering to each other in sad farewell, until Rumbel comes in like a healing angel. Even fans who already have their Grammy-winning ACOUSTIC GARDEN (from which several of these tracks originate) will want to take the plunge on this, as the discs include tracks culled from solo albums ("Lullabye," "Monangaheela") and old Narada compilations ("Lo Que Tu Quiseras" and "Crow and Weasel").
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Shenandoah PT5M36S
  3. 2 Elysian Fields PT5M11S
  4. 3 The Merced PT3M41S
  5. 4 Don Juan PT4M24S
  6. 5 Monongahela PT3M10S
  7. 6 Sailing PT3M48S
  8. 7 Blue Martini featuring Eric Tingstad PT3M35S
  9. 8 La Fogata PT2M55S
  10. 9 Gigue PT3M8S
  11. 10 Pastorale PT4M20S
  12. 11 La Que Tu Quisieras (As You Wish) PT3M34S
  13. 12 Emerald Pavane PT4M3S
  14. 13 The Eyes of Amelia PT5M48S
  15. 14 Sunderlal PT6M8S
  16. 15 Give and Take PT2M50S
  17. 16 Clancy's Heart PT5M12S
  18. 1 Shadow Dancer PT3M38S
  19. 2 Galileo PT5M43S
  20. 3 Magnolia PT3M30S
  21. 4 The Children's Garden PT4M25S
  22. 5 The Man from Stratford PT3M5S
  23. 6 Shamrock featuring Eric Tingstad PT3M54S
  24. 7 Medicine Tree PT5M2S
  25. 8 Oaks PT4M48S
  26. 9 Empire Builder featuring Eric Tingstad PT3M54S
  27. 10 Aria PT4M25S
  28. 11 The Low Country PT4M16S
  29. 12 Fisherman's Dream PT4M16S
  30. 13 Crow and Weasel PT6M16S
  31. 14 Lullaby PT5M51S
  32. 15 The Craftsman PT3M36S

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