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Other albums by Eric Tingstad/Nancy Rumbel/Spencer Brewer

  1. A Trip Through Tuscany
  2. A Sense of Place
  3. Legends/Emerald
  4. Woodlands
  5. Woodlands
Eric Tingstad/Nancy Rumbel/Spencer Brewer 5/20/2003
Legends/Emerald is a double-CD of acoustic ambient classics from the Narada label. Disc one -- Legends -- features Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbel at their romantic best. It is one of their first albums, and it set the stage for many glass ceilings to come. Disc two -- Emerald -- is by Spencer Brewer and Tingstad and Rumbel. Brewer's light touch on the piano is the perfect accompaniment for the romantic adventures of Tingstad and Rumbel. The pace is neither slow nor quick. It is merely the pace. The soundscapes are full and lush. This double-CD comes with an awesome package and is an excellent starting point for an acoustic ambient collection, or for an introduction to the music of Tingstad and Rumbel. ~ Jim Brenholts
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Shenandoah by Nancy Rumbel PT5M39S
  3. 2 Aladdin featuring Brewer PT4M46S
  4. 3 Sacajawea featuring Brewer PT5M51S
  5. 4 The Ark and the Dove featuring Brewer PT4M42S
  6. 5 Johnny Appleseed featuring Brewer PT4M37S
  7. 6 Don Juan featuring Brewer PT4M28S
  8. 7 Galileo featuring Brewer PT5M49S
  9. 8 The Eyes of Amelia featuring Brewer PT5M56S
  10. 1 Fisherman's Dream featuring Brewer PT4M12S
  11. 2 Shadow Dancer featuring Brewer PT3M42S
  12. 3 The Last Snow Leopard featuring Brewer PT3M29S
  13. 4 Timeless Reunion featuring Brewer PT3M22S
  14. 5 Dreamgift featuring Brewer PT4M7S
  15. 6 Gigue featuring Brewer PT3M56S
  16. 7 Gateway featuring Brewer PT4M8S
  17. 8 Emerald Pavane featuring Brewer PT4M7S
  18. 9 Snowater featuring Brewer PT3M39S
  19. 10 Cinderella featuring Brewer PT3M4S

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