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Pure Nightnoise

Nightnoise 6/27/2006
Pure Nightnoise, part of Windham Hill/Legacy's thoughtfully assembled Pure series, is less a best-of than an exercise in elevated listening. Skipping through the Irish jazz outfit's discography from its 1984 debut, Nightnoise, to its sixth CD, A Different Shore, released in 1995; these 16 tracks preserve the most memorable moments from the Billy Oskay era while also pointing up Nightnoise's flair for versatility within a consistently melodic, contemplative soundscape -- check the chamber music-like "Fionnghuala" in comparison with the lullaby that is "Night in That Land." No selections from Nightnoise's 1997 disc, The White Horse Sessions, are included, presumably because its live recordings work against the Pure aesthetic. But the disc amounts to an even-handed distillation anyway; a disc to think by. ~ Tammy La Gorce
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Fionnghuala (Mouth Music) PT1M56S
  3. 2 Night in That Land PT3M13S
  4. 3 At the Races PT3M5S
  5. 4 Somthing of Time PT3M6S
  6. 5 Hugh PT3M42S
  7. 6 The March Air PT5M9S
  8. 7 The Swan PT3M20S
  9. 8 Silky Flanks PT4M50S
  10. 9 Bleu PT4M58S
  11. 10 Wiggy Wiggy PT4M24S
  12. 11 Morning in Madrid PT5M7S
  13. 12 The 19A PT3M10S
  14. 13 Mind the Dresser PT5M33S
  15. 14 The Courtyard PT2M51S
  16. 15 Toys Not Ties PT3M57S
  17. 16 Three Little Nieces PT3M40S

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