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Barcelona Nights: The Best of Ottmar Liebert, Vol. 1

Ottmar Liebert 22/7/2001
Barcelona Nights: The Best of Ottmar Liebert, Vol. 1 gathers the nouveau flamenco guitarist's early career highlights, including the title track and "Heart Still/Beating," both from his 1990 debut Nouveau Flamenco, as well as Borrasca's title track and "Dancing Under the Moon." Other highlights include "La Rosa Negra," "Bullfighter's Dream," "In the Hands of Love," and "Borrasca," all of which showcase Liebert's rich, sensual guitar stylings. Though this collection concentrates on his first albums, it reflects the strong beginnings of Liebert's rock and jazz-tinged flamenco update. Along with Higher Octave's deluxe reissue of Nouveau Flamenco, Barcelona Nights is a fine way to commemorate Liebert's first decade as one of new age's most popular composers/performers, as well as a fine starting point for new listeners. ~ Heather Phares
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Barcelona Nights PT4M2S
  3. 2 Santa Fe PT4M16S
  4. 3 Isla del Sol PT3M47S
  5. 4 Bullfighter's Dream PT3M47S
  6. 5 In the Hands of Love PT4M46S
  7. 6 Heart Still/Beating PT4M6S
  8. 7 Driving 2 Madrid (B4 the Storm) PT4M12S
  9. 8 August Moon PT4M15S
  10. 9 Dancing Under the Moon PT4M41S
  11. 10 Festival (Of 7 Lights) PT2M54S
  12. 11 La Rosa Negra PT4M29S
  13. 12 2 the Night PT4M21S
  14. 13 Borrasca PT3M37S
  15. 14 Bajo la Luna Mix PT6M18S

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