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Selena Gomez 7/30/2013
Selena Gomez has carved out a pretty nice career as a pop singer over the course of a run of well-produced, well-written, and very well-sung albums that haven't always been full of smash hits, but have an overall level of quality that pushed her to the head of the Disney class. After an album, 2011's When the Sun Goes Down, that streamlined her sound into a sleek and shiny pop rocket with both eyes on the dancefloor, Stars Dance takes a (slightly) more eclectic approach. Gomez and her team of writers and producers don't stray far from the dancefloor and party jams, and these are the strongest songs on the album. It's hard to resist the jumping beats, shiny synths, and Gomez's cheery vocals on tracks like "Slow Down," "Undercover," and the disco-y "Save the Day." Even when she's lamenting her mostly broken heart, as on the thumping "Forget Forever" or the loping "Write Your Name," it's hard to keep from wanting to hit the dancefloor. The only sad song that makes you want to stop and cry a little is the seriously bummed "Love Will Remember." Like her previous albums, though, there are a few surprises this time out. Not that a song being influenced by dubstep in 2013 is really shocking, since even tissue commercials have a dubstep sound, but her take on it, the moody title track, at least does a decent job of integrating the rippling bass and thudding tempo into Gomez's world. The bubblegum twerk jam "B.E.A.T." is lots of fun, the tablas add a nice mystical touch to "Come & Get It," and somehow she doesn't sound completely ridiculous imitating Buju Banton on the dancehall jam "Like a Champion," which samples his song "Champion" -- instead, she just sounds spunky. Thanks to the strong songs, Selena's reliably strong vocals, and the variety of sounds, it adds up to be another fine entry in her catalog and just another example of why Selena Gomez is one of the best pop stars making music in 2013. ~ Tim Sendra
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Birthday PT3M20S
  3. 2 Slow Down PT3M29S
  4. 3 Stars Dance PT3M35S
  5. 4 Like a Champion PT2M53S
  6. 5 Come & Get It PT3M50S
  7. 6 Forget Forever PT4M9S
  8. 7 Save the Day PT3M51S
  9. 8 B.E.A.T. PT3M4S
  10. 9 Write Your Name PT3M13S
  11. 10 Undercover PT3M50S
  12. 11 Love WIll Remember PT3M28S
  13. 12 Nobody Does It Like You PT3M54S
  14. 13 Music Feels Better PT3M9S
  15. 14 Lover in Me PT3M29S
  16. 15 I Like It That Way PT4M11S

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