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Tangerine Dream 5/13/2008
Fans of mid-'70s era Tangerine Dream will more than likely be excited by this double-disc offering of new material issued by Cleopatra. Essentially, Edgar Froese, the only original member of the group, went back into the storage closet and hauled out a few tons of vintage gear: sequencers, analog synths, primitive drum machines, and assorted keyboards to revisit the sound of past albums like Stratosfear, Phaedra, and Rubycon. That said, there are, of course, vestiges of the band's current sound as well -- the one that has appeared on innumerable new age and soundtrack recordings and scored them some Grammy nominations. While by no means suggesting that Booster is on the same artistic par as the classic recordings, its sense of drama and tension and its spacious time-sequenced modalities make for the most engaging listen to TD in years. ~ Thom Jurek
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 One Night in Space PT6M57S
  3. 2 Hyper Sphinx PT14M21S
  4. 3 Metaphor, Pt. 1 PT5M2S
  5. 4 Metaphor, Pt. 2 PT5M3S
  6. 5 The Greek Mirror PT7M39S
  7. 6 Lady Monk PT4M51S
  8. 7 I Could Hear It When the Moon Collapsed on Broadway PT5M21S
  9. 8 Logos PT5M18S
  10. 1 Tangram Chin Part PT7M25S
  11. 2 Sleeping Watches Snoring in Silence PT6M
  12. 3 Tangines on and Running PT4M46S
  13. 4 All Thirsty Angels Pass PT7M23S
  14. 5 World Away from Gagaland PT7M
  15. 6 Big Sur and the Oranges from Hieronymus Bosch PT6M3S
  16. 7 Ça Va -- Ça Marche -- Ça Ira Encore PT4M56S
  17. 8 Bells of Accra PT14M27S

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