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Nebulous Dawn: The Early Years

Tangerine Dream 7/17/2006
Simply put, this box set is a reissue of Tangerine Dream's first four albums. Nebulous Dawn: The Early Years includes Electronic Meditation (Ohr, 1970); Alpha Centauri (Ohr, 1971); the double-disc Zeit (Ohr, 1972), and Atem (Ohr, 1973). Also enclosed in the three-disc package are the A- and B-sides of the single "Ultima Thule" (in two parts), released in February of 1972, and lastly, the very beginning of Edgar Froese's first band the Ones. Their only single, "Lady Greengrass" b/w "Love of Mine" from Star Club Records was released in June of 1967. It's forgettable. Packaged and sold by Sanctuary, the editions of these albums -- none of them split-up, thank goodness -- are the remastered ones from 2002. They do not contain original artwork, but there is a booklet in the set with a lengthy essay by David Wells that makes them well-worth the purchase price. If you've ever wondered what this band sounded like during their most adventurous stage, the way they developed their sound, and the sheer sonic paranoia, terror, and beauty they were capable of, this is a very wise investment indeed. ~ Thom Jurek
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Genesis PT5M59S
  3. 2 Journey Through a Burning Brain PT12M34S
  4. 3 Cold Smoke PT10M50S
  5. 4 Ashes to Ashes PT4M
  6. 5 Resurrection PT3M27S
  7. 6 Sunrise in the Third System PT4M23S
  8. 7 Fly and Collision of Comas Sola PT13M24S
  9. 8 Alpha Centauri PT22M2S
  10. 1 Birth of Liquid Plejades PT19M56S
  11. 2 Nebulous Dawn PT17M58S
  12. 3 Origin of Supernatural Probabilities PT19M34S
  13. 4 Zeit PT16M58S
  14. 1 Ultima Thule, Pt. 1 PT3M26S
  15. 2 Ultima Thule, Pt. 2 PT4M14S
  16. 3 Atem PT20M28S
  17. 4 Fauni Gena PT10M48S
  18. 5 Circulation of Events PT5M54S
  19. 6 Wahn PT4M36S
  20. 7 Lady Greengrass PT2M44S
  21. 8 Love of Mine PT3M3S

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