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The Bootleg Box Set, Vol. 2

Tangerine Dream 4/6/2004
Just like Volume 1, Sanctuary's Bootleg Box Set, Vol. 2 is sourced from the Tangerine Tree, a series of recordings gathered and digitally cleaned by fans and traded on the Internet, all with Tangerine Dream's consent. A good sampling of the band's live shows during the years 1976-1983, Volume 2 shows an overall improvement in sound quality over Volume 1 and the Dream's music becoming more accessible but not yet entirely friendly. A 1976 show from Nottingham is not only the first disc in this set, but also the first disc the Tangerine Tree released. It's easy to see why they started here. A fantastic audience recording from the caught-on-tape whispers of fellow concertgoers that starts the disc to the thunderous church bells that bring the Victorian sounding set to a loud finish, this is the first reason to consider the set. A FM broadcast of an Encore-era show in Washington is the source for discs two and three with an eccentric announcer's airchecks and an interview with Chris Franke both breaking up a directionless concert. Disc four is an interesting look at the short-lived lineup with Steve Joliffe and Klaus Krieger around the time of Cyclone. The band chugs along in a Can fashion until Edgar Froese's fingers wander aimlessly up and down his guitar. Two CDs of oversequenced, overstructured Dream music follows, but the seventh disc contains a stunningly dark show from a memorial concert for German film director Rainer Werner Fassbinder. A long cherished show on bootleg, the version here adds five unearthed minutes and the second great reason to look into the set. The middle shows might be spotty and for fans only, but they're interesting and well presented. The two shows that bookend the set should satisfy even the part-time fan. ~ David Jeffries
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Part One PT33M38S
  3. 2 Part Two PT32M10S
  4. 3 Part Three PT13M42S
  5. 1 Introduction PT1M11S
  6. 2 Cherokee Lane PT17M5S
  7. 3 Interlude One PT1M4S
  8. 4 Monolight PT19M33S
  9. 5 Interlude Two PT3M6S
  10. 6 Monolith PT27M13S
  11. 1 Drywater Rush PT13M23S
  12. 2 Interlude Three PT2M20S
  13. 3 Rain in Spain PT10M30S
  14. 4 Interview PT3M7S
  15. 5 Octagon PT9M2S
  16. 6 Closing Words PT2M7S
  17. 1 Part One PT43M7S
  18. 2 Part Two PT9M17S
  19. 1 Logos, Pt. 1 PT9M58S
  20. 2 Sobornost (Edinburgh Castle) PT7M50S
  21. 3 Digital Times Suite PT15M30S
  22. 4 Bondy Paradise PT13M13S
  23. 1 Mojave Plan PT26M29S
  24. 2 Thermal Inversion PT12M19S
  25. 3 Remote Vieng/Force Majeure/The Price PT7M14S
  26. 4 Kiew Mission PT7M16S
  27. 5 Choronzon PT10M10S
  28. 1 Fassbinder Memorial Concert PT35M5S

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