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Alexander [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Vangelis 11/9/2004
Academy Award-winning composer Vangelis fills Oliver Stone's epic rendering of the story of Alexander with such victorious bombast, that it may as well be a Jerry Bruckheimer production. What begins as a Blade Runner-esque wash of atmospheric, keyboard-driven subtlety quickly deteriorates into a thick wall of stock heroic motifs, swelling brass, and thunderous percussion. Alexander's main theme is like a testosterone-charged update of Chariots of Fire; it's stirring in an over-the-top, destined-to-achieve-cult-status kind of way, but leaves the listener far too exhausted to warrant repeated listens. Vangelis goes the Hans Zimmer Gladiator route on the soundtrack's quieter moments, occasionally showing hints of the quiet grandeur he achieved on 1992's 1492: Conquest of Paradise, but Alexander is buried beneath far too many musical bodies to be heard as anything but future background music for Michael Bay trailers.
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Introduction by Kathleen Battle PT1M31S
  3. 2 Young Alexander PT1M35S
  4. 3 Titans PT3M59S
  5. 4 The Drums of Gaugamela PT5M19S
  6. 5 One Morning At Pella PT2M11S
  7. 6 Roxane's Dance PT3M24S
  8. 7 Eastern Path PT2M58S
  9. 8 Gardens of Delight PT5M23S
  10. 9 Roxane's Veil PT4M40S
  11. 10 Bagoas' Dance PT2M28S
  12. 11 The Charge PT1M40S
  13. 12 Preparation PT1M41S
  14. 13 Across the Mountains PT4M12S
  15. 14 Chant PT1M38S
  16. 15 Immortality PT3M18S
  17. 16 Dream of Babylon PT2M40S
  18. 17 Eternal Alexander PT4M37S
  19. 18 Tender Memories PT2M58S

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