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El Greco

Vangelis 11/9/1999
This portentous tribute to Domenikos Theotokopoulos (16th-century painter "El Greco") divides its ten tracks among as many separate movements (complete with a disc-closing "Epilogue") and explores them with all the excitement of a day at the art gallery (this concept was, in fact, inspired by the National Gallery of Greece's efforts to obtain El Greco's "St. Peter"). Which means it's very studious, very meticulous, and very good for you, but ultimately the (very few) thrills here are intrinsic at best and not really all that thrilling. Composer, arranger, producer, and performer Vangelis gooses up the action with occasional bombast, but the overall tone of El Greco's classical new age is as solemn and washed-out as a centuries-old painting. ~ Michael Gallucci
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 El Greco, for voice & synthesizer~1st Movement PT10M3S
  3. 2 El Greco, for voice & synthesizer~2nd Movement PT5M19S
  4. 3 El Greco, for voice & synthesizer~3rd Movement PT6M47S
  5. 4 El Greco, for voice & synthesizer~4th Movement PT6M24S
  6. 5 El Greco, for voice & synthesizer~5th Movement PT11M52S
  7. 6 El Greco, for voice & synthesizer~6th Movement PT4M26S
  8. 7 El Greco, for voice & synthesizer~7th Movement PT3M36S
  9. 8 El Greco, for voice & synthesizer~8th Movement PT4M47S
  10. 9 El Greco, for voice & synthesizer~9th Movement PT3M20S
  11. 10 El Greco, for voice & synthesizer~10th Movement - Epilogue PT7M3S

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