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Narada Decade: The Anniversary Collection


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Narada Decade: The Anniversary Collection celebrates the label's tenth year with two discs' worth of contemporary instrumentals. The tone of the set is definitely low-key, but rarely does it stray into the more synthesizer-heavy side of things. Instead, it does its talking with taste and texture, employing lots of piano and spare instrumentation. Richard Souther's "The Long Riders" builds a surging melody from synths, while David Lanz "Leaves on the Seine" is a contemplative piano piece that's as quiet and drifting as its title suggests. Things get a little busy toward the end of disc two; though the pieces from Ralf Illenberger and Hans Zimmer are ambitious, they're a bit too boisterous for this collection, which stays in one gear -- slow and steady -- for almost its entire duration. Though everything on this set has been previously released, fans of Narada or any of its artists might enjoy having the songs in one convenient location. ~ Johnny Loftus
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Cristofori's Dream by David Lanz PT5M58S
  3. 2 In the Court of the Mermaid by Friedemann PT4M20S
  4. 3 Shenandoah featuring Eric Tingstad PT5M36S
  5. 4 Tomorrow's Child by Spencer Brewer PT4M47S
  6. 5 Moon Run by Trapezoid PT3M38S
  7. 6 Girl from Barcelona by Kostia PT5M52S
  8. 7 Nature Cycles Variations, Pt. 1 [Edit] by Gabriel Lee PT2M3S
  9. 8 Hillside View by Ancient Future PT6M57S
  10. 9 Leaves on the Seine by David Lanz PT4M8S
  11. 10 Sonho (Dream) by Nando Lauria PT5M48S
  12. 11 Circus by Wayne Gratz PT2M36S
  13. 12 Water's Edge by Michael Jones PT8M43S
  14. 13 Oaks by Eric Tingstad PT4M37S
  15. 14 All the Way Home by Richard Souther PT4M54S
  16. 15 Carnation Lily Lily Rose featuring David Arkenstone PT4M44S
  17. 1 Eagle's Path by David Lanz PT7M14S
  18. 2 Break of Day by Bernardo Rubaja PT3M59S
  19. 3 The Long Riders by Richard Souther PT3M30S
  20. 4 Papillon (On the Wings of the Butterfly) by David Arkenstone PT5M15S
  21. 5 The Man from Caesaria by Friedemann PT4M41S
  22. 6 Sand and Water by Kostia PT3M57S
  23. 7 Memory in the Snow by Michael Gettel PT3M38S
  24. 8 Behind the Waterfall by David Lanz PT3M28S
  25. 9 Stepping Stars by David Arkenstone PT3M41S
  26. 10 Vivaldi by Carol Nethen PT4M50S
  27. 11 The Waiting by Peter Buffett PT6M31S
  28. 12 Wonderland by Spencer Brewer PT3M52S
  29. 13 Fun Tango by Ralf Illenberger PT4M52S
  30. 14 Que Xote by Nando Lauria PT5M58S
  31. 15 Millennium Theme by Hans Zimmer PT3M3S
  32. 16 The Alluvial Plains by Colin Chin PT7M3S

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