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10 Years

Offering a Southern take on the moody atmosphere, muscular impact, and brash dynamics of alternative metal, 10 Years were formed in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1999. Guitarist Ryan "Tater" Johnson and drummer Brian Vodinh filled out the group's first lineup with lead vocalist Mike Underdown, guitarist Matt Wantland, and bassist Lewis Cosby; in 2001, Cosby left the band and Andy Parks became 10 Years' new bassist. That same year, the group recorded and self-released an independent album, Into the Half Moon, and they set out to expand their brand with more live work. In 2002, Mike Underdown stepped down as lead singer, and 10 Years recruited Jesse Hasek to take over the vocal spot; shortly afterward, Lewis Cosby returned as bassist, and in 2004 the band issued a second self-released album, Killing All That Holds You. As their popularity grew, 10 Years were signed by Republic Records, and their major-label debut, The Autumn Effect, arrived in 2005. "Wasteland," a track from The Autumn Effect, rose to the top of the Billboard Alternative Songs chart, and the single went gold, while the band joined the lineup for the 2006 Family Values tour, alongside Deftones and Korn. Division, 10 Years' second album for Republic, was issued in 2008, and Feeding the Wolves appeared in 2010, the latter recorded after Matt Wantland left the band, with Vodinh adding additional guitar in the studio. Republic Records and 10 Years parted ways after the release of Feeding the Wolves, and rather than sign a new deal, 10 Years opted to launch their own label, Pale Horse Records (distributed by Warner Music's Independent Label Group). 10 Years kicked off Pale Horse with 2011's Minus the Machine, which debuted at number 26 on the Billboard Top 200 charts (it also came in at number eight on the Top Current Rock Albums ranking). In 2015, 10 Years returned with their second Pale Horse release, From Birth to Burial; it also marked the departure of Lewis Cosby from the group. The official lineup became a three-piece (Hasek, Johnson, and Vodinh), with additional musicians joining them for live dates (Chad Huff on guitar, Ryan Collier on bass, and Kyle Mayer on drums). ~ Mark Deming
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10 Years

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Albums by
10 Years

Top Songs by
10 Years

  1.   Song
  2.   Shoot It Out
  3.   Wasteland
  4.   Fix Me
  5.   Beautiful
  6.   Through the Iris
  7.   Novacaine
  8.   Waking Up
  9.   So Long, Good-bye
  10.   Burnout
  11.   Backlash
  12.   Actions & Motives
  13.   The Autumn Effect
  14.   Ghosts
  15.   Russian Roulette
  16.   Picture Perfect (In Your Eyes)
  17.   Prey
  18.   11:00 AM (Daydreamer)
  19.   Insects
  20.   Silhouette of a Life
  21.   Chasing the Rapture
  22.   Alabama
  23.   Paralyzing Kings
  24.   Seasons to Cycles
  25.   All Your Lies
  26.   Just Can't Win
  27.   One More Day
  28.   Now Is the Time (Ravenous)
  29.   Fault Line
  30.   Selling Skeletons
  31.   Miscellanea
  32.   Writing On The Walls
  33.   The Wicked Ones
  34.   Proud Of You
  35.   Focus
  36.   Dying Youth
  37.   Tightrope
  38.   Soma
  39.   Sleeper
  40.   Dancing With The Dead
  41.   Don't Fight It
  42.   Drug Of Choice
  43.   Luna
  44.   Baptized in Fire
  45.   ...And All The Other Colors
  46.   Forever Fields (Sowing Season)
  47.   Battle Lust
  48.   Waking Up the Ghost
  49.   Dead in the Water
  50.   The Recipe
  51.   The River
  52.   Crimson Kiss
  53.   Triggers and Tripwires
  54.   Vertigo
  55.   From Birth To Burial
  56.   Running in Place
  57.   Fade Into (The Ocean)
  58.   Empires
  59.   Moisture Residue
  60.   Survivors?
  61.   Ashes
  62.   Birth -- Death
  63.   Knives
  64.   Minus The Machine
  65.   Half Life
  66.   Cast It Out

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