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Until they began taking chances with their sound later on in their career, 1349 were a traditional Norwegian black metal band -- both musically and visually -- that took their name from the year in which the black death arrived on Scandinavian shores…need we say more? Well, if you must know, the band originated in the city of Oslo, in 1997, born of the ashes of an earlier group named Alvheim featuring vocalist and drummer Olav "Ravn" Bergene, guitarist André "Tjalve" Kvebek, and bassist Tor Risdal "Seidemann" Stavenes. Second guitarist Idar "Archaon" Burheim would join two years later, in time to perform on 1349's second demo (named "Chaos Preferred") and ensuing eponymous 2001 EP, which established the band's sound as a single-minded throwback to the devastating style of black metal that made Norway the movement's focal point in the early '90s (with the help of some rather illicit behavior extensively chronicled elsewhere). 1349 made another connection to that seminal period in time when they recruited Satyricon drummer Kjetil Vidar "Frost" Haraldstad to allow vocalist Ravn to roam free on-stage, which contributed to the band's burgeoning reputation both as players and as performers, thanks to the usual black metal accoutrements (ghastly corpse-paint, leather and spikes, fire breathing, etc). A trio of career-affirming albums followed, namely 2003's Liberation, 2004's Beyond the Apocalypse, and 2005's Hellfire, paving the way for a U.S run supporting the reunited Celtic Frost and a few years of dedicated touring and major European festival appearances. 1349 finally got back to the business of recording via 2009's Revelations of the Black Flame album; a radical departure produced in partnership with Celtic Frost icon Thomas Gabriel Fischer, who replaced much of the band's old-school black metal with slower, ambient, and semi-industrial sounds, outraging most of their fans. The following year's Demonoir made only token efforts to redress the situation (with numerous atmospheric pieces sprinkled amid the more typical black metal songs) and further polarized 1349's audience, leaving many unanswered questions as to the band‘s future prospects. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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  1.   Song
  2.   Chasing Dragons
  3.   When I Was Flesh
  4.   Nathicana
  5.   Sculptor or Flesh
  6.   Psalm 7:77
  7.   Atomic Chapel
  8.   Misanthropy
  9.   Pandemonium War Bells
  10.   The Blade
  11.   Mengele's
  12.   Manifest
  13.   Godslayer
  14.   Tunnel of Set XV
  15.   The Devil of the Deserts
  16.   Uncreation
  17.   Buried By Time & Dust
  18.   Legion
  19.   Cauldron
  20.   Celestial Deconstruction
  21.   Slaves To Slaughter
  22.   Tunnel of Set XVI
  23.   Tunnel of Set XI
  24.   I Am Abomination
  25.   Tunnel of Set VI
  26.   Set the Controls for the Heat of the Sun
  27.   Serpentine Sibilance
  28.   Nekronatalenheten
  29.   Tunnel of Set II
  30.   I Breathe Spears
  31.   Strike of The Beast
  32.   Tunnel of Set I
  33.   Maggot Fetus
  34.   At the Gate
  35.   From the Deeps
  36.   To Rottendom
  37.   Singer of Strange Songs
  38.   Beyond the Apocalypse
  39.   Slaves
  40.   Chained
  41.   Tunnel of Set IV
  42.   Riders of the Apocalypse
  43.   Internal Winter
  44.   Evil Oath
  45.   Solitude
  46.   Blood is the Mortar
  47.   Demonoir
  48.   Invocation
  49.   Hellfire
  50.   Postmortem
  51.   Exorcism
  52.   Rapture
  53.   Horns
  54.   Deathmarch
  55.   The Heretic
  56.   Aiwass-Aeon
  57.   Golem
  58.   Pitch Black
  59.   Nerves
  60.   Liberation
  61.   Satanic Propaganda
  62.   Tunnel of Set XIV
  63.   Tunnel of Set V
  64.   Perished in Pain

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