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3 Inches of Blood

Canadian sextet Three Inches of Blood hails from Vancouver and features Cam Pipes (clean vocals), Jamie Hooper (shrieked vocals), Sunny Dhak (lead guitar), Bobby Froese (rhythm guitar), Rich Trawick (bass) and Geoff Trawick (drums). A throwback to heavy metal's youthful 1980s heyday, the band's music consists of Iron Maiden-like galloping riffs and solos speeded up to thrash metal tempos, topped with Dungeons & Dragons-styled lyrics and titles such as "Destroy the Orcs" and "Ride Darkhorse, Ride." Their debut five-song EP of 2000 quickly sold out in the band's stomping grounds, and led to the following year's full-length, Battlecry Under a Winter Sun, which was initially only given a very limited Canadian release. However, it soon wormed its way over the border and across the oceans thanks to positive word of mouth in the underground metal scene, as well as the band's constant touring. All this led to a new record contract with legendary metal label Roadrunner Records, and, after breaking in a new rhythm section consisting of bassist Brian Redman, and drummer Matt Wood, Three Inches of Blood recorded 2004's sophomore album, Advance and Vanquish. Shortly afterwards, guitarists Froese and Dhak left the band and were replaced by Justin Hagberg and Shane Clark. They inched even closer to reconstructing the perfect '80s metallic beast with their 2007's Fire Up the Blades before Jamie Hooper, the last remaining original member, left the band the following year. Hagberg picked up his vocal duties and the band soldiered on in their pursuit of metal glory, releasing 2009's Here Waits Thy Doom and 2012's Long Live Heavy Metal, both through Century Media. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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3 Inches of Blood

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3 Inches of Blood

Top Songs by
3 Inches of Blood

  1.   Song
  2.   Destroy the Orcs
  3.   Deadly Sinners
  4.   All of Them Witches
  5.   Wykydtron
  6.   Swordmaster
  7.   Revenge Is a Vulture
  8.   Die for Gold (Upon the Boiling Sea IV)
  9.   Leave It on the Ice
  10.   Look Out
  11.   My Sword Will Not Sleep
  12.   Metal Woman
  13.   Wizard's Island
  14.   Fierce Defender
  15.   Execution Tank
  16.   Battles and Brotherhood
  17.   12:34
  18.   Nocturnal Command
  19.   Key to Oblivion
  20.   Black Spire
  21.   The Hydra's Teeth
  22.   Night Marauders
  23.   Rejoice in the Fires of Man's Demise
  24.   Trial of Champions
  25.   Forest King
  26.   Isle of Eternal Despair (Upon the Boiling Sea III)
  27.   The Phantom of the Crimson Cloak
  28.   Axes of Evil
  29.   Premonition of Pain
  30.   Snake Fighter
  31.   4000 Torches
  32.   At the Foot of the Great Glacier
  33.   Rock In Hell
  34.   Dominion of Deceit
  35.   Demon's Blade
  36.   Through the Horned Gate
  37.   Daytona
  38.   Silent Killer
  39.   Dark Messenger
  40.   Not Fragile
  41.   The Goatriders Horde
  42.   Strength of the Grave
  43.   God of the Cold White Silence
  44.   Fear on the Bridge (Upon the Boiling Sea I)
  45.   Leather Lord
  46.   Lords of Change
  47.   Infinite Legions
  48.   Call of the Hammer
  49.   Men of Fortune
  50.   Crazy Nights
  51.   Preacher's Daughter
  52.   Assassins of the Light
  53.   One for the Ditch
  54.   Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll
  55.   Storming Juno
  56.   In the Time of Job When Mammon Was a Yippie
  57.   The Great Hall of Feasting
  58.   Lord of the Storm (Upon the Boiling Sea II)
  59.   Chief and the Blade

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