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36 Crazyfists

Equal parts emo and metal, Portland, OR, quartet 36 Crazyfists -- named after a Jackie Chan movie -- comprised members Brock Lindow (vocals), Steve Holt (guitar/vocals), Mick Whitney (bass), and Thomas Noonan (drums). Originally formed in December of 1994 in Anchorage, AK, the quartet played out locally before relocating to Portland (after the death of their original bassist), opening up for the likes of System of a Down, Primus, blink-182, and NOFX, among others. The quartet eventually signed to Roadrunner in 2000, after their friends in Skinlab passed their demo on to the label. Their first album, Bitterness the Star, appeared in 2002. A Snow Capped Romance, which was produced by James Paul Wisner (Dashboard Confessional, As Friends Rust), followed two years later. They toured nonstop behind the record (playing shows with acts like Killswitch Engage and Poison the Well) through December, taking two months off before beginning work on their next album. 36 Crazyfists entered the studio with producer Sal Villaneuva (who'd worked with Thursday and Taking Back Sunday) in October 2005 to commence recording, and their resulting third album, Rest Inside the Flames, appeared in June 2006. ~ Greg Prato
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36 Crazyfists

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36 Crazyfists

  1.   Song
  2.   Also Am I
  3.   Bloodwork
  4.   Time and Trauma
  5.   At the End of August
  6.   The Heart and the Shape
  7.   We Gave It Hell
  8.   Destroy the Map
  9.   Elysium
  10.   Absent Are the Saints
  11.   The Deserter
  12.   Slit Wrist Theory
  13.   An Agreement Called Forever
  14.   Sorrow Sings
  15.   Reviver
  16.   Chalk White
  17.   Renegades
  18.   Silencer
  19.   We Cannot Deny
  20.   Midnight Swim
  21.   Felt Through a Phone Line
  22.   I'll Go Until My Heart Stops
  23.   Installing the Catheter
  24.   Song for the Fisherman
  25.   Left Hand Charity
  26.   All I Am
  27.   The City Ignites
  28.   Whitewater
  29.   Circle the Drain
  30.   Ceramic
  31.   Gathering Bones
  32.   Vanish
  33.   Disarray
  34.   In the Midnights
  35.   Death Renames the Light
  36.   Northern November
  37.   Vast and Vague
  38.   Only a Year or So...
  39.   The Tide and Its Takers
  40.   Between the Anchor and the Air
  41.   Will Pull This in by Hand
  42.   Aurora
  43.   Cure Eclipse
  44.   Kenai
  45.   Turns to Ashes
  46.   Swing the Noose
  47.   Slivers
  48.   Lightless
  49.   Criminal Justice
  50.   Crutch
  51.   When Distance Is the Closest Reminder
  52.   Waiting on a War
  53.   The Back Harlow Road
  54.   The All Night Lights
  55.   The Great Descent
  56.   On Any Given Night
  57.   Waterhaul
  58.   With Nothing Underneath
  59.   One More Word
  60.   Eightminutesupsidedown
  61.   Bury Me Where I Fall
  62.   Dislocate
  63.   Two Months From a Year
  64.   Caving In Spirals
  65.   Waterhaul Ii
  66.   Clear the Coast
  67.   Digging the Grave
  68.   Anchors
  69.   Mercy and Grace
  70.   Translator
  71.   Long Roads To Late Nights
  72.   Trenches
  73.   Marrow
  74.   Skin and Atmosphere
  75.   11.24.11
  76.   The Heart and Shape
  77.   Workhorse
  78.   Sad Lisa
  79.   Mother Mary

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