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A star in the R&B world before she was even out of her teens, Aaliyah's promising career was tragically cut short by her death in a plane crash at age 22. Even with only three albums under her belt, she'd already earned a place as a talented trendsetter among the R&B elite. Following a successful transition to a more mature image, Aaliyah played a major role in popularizing the stuttering, futuristic production style that consumed hip-hop and urban soul in the late '90s. Her work with Timbaland, especially, was some of the most forward-looking R&B of its time, even while the competing neo-soul movement was gaining prominence. Aaliyah's death came on the heels of her third and most accomplished album, making it especially unfortunate that she was robbed of a chance to continue her creative development. Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born January 16, 1979, in Brooklyn, and named after a Swahili word meaning "most exalted one." Her uncle, Barry Hankerson, was a manager and entertainment lawyer who was married to Gladys Knight for a time, and her mother, also a singer, enrolled Aaliyah in voice lessons before she'd even started school. Still very young, she moved with her family to Detroit, where she sang in several school plays. At age nine, she successfully auditioned for the TV show Star Search, where she performed "My Funny Valentine" (and lost). Two years later, thanks to her uncle Hankerson's connections, she spent five nights in Las Vegas performing as part of Gladys Knight's revue. In addition to his niece, Hankerson was also managing a rising R&B star named R. Kelly, and introduced the two in 1992. Kelly soon took Aaliyah under his wing and began writing and producing songs for her. Aaliyah's debut album, Age Ain't Nothing but a Number, was released in the summer of 1994 and quickly became a platinum-selling hit on the strength of two smash singles, "Back & Forth" and "At Your Best (You Are Love)" (the latter an Isley Brothers cover). Both songs hit the pop Top Ten and went gold, and "Back & Forth" went all the way to number one on the R&B charts, while "At Your Best" fell one spot short. Late in the year, Aaliyah found herself at the center of controversy when rumors spread that the 15-year-old singer had married Kelly, who was more than ten years her senior. Although both camps were resolutely tight-lipped, documents later confirmed that the two had wed in the state of Illinois that August and gotten an annulment shortly thereafter. By the time the media buzz died down, the two had parted ways both personally and creatively. In 1996, Aaliyah released her follow-up album, One in a Million, which signaled a newly emerging maturity. She worked with several different producers, most notably Timbaland, who co-wrote several tracks with his songwriting partner, Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott (soon to become a solo star in her own right). Several of these -- "If Your Girl Only Knew," "One in a Million," "4 Page Letter" -- became hits, with "If Your Girl Only Knew" going all the way to the top of the R&B charts. The Diane Warren-penned ballad "The One I Gave My Heart To" was also a Top Ten R&B hit, and One in a Million wound up going double platinum. In the meantime, Aaliyah graduated from high school (in 1997) and contributed several songs to film soundtracks. "Journey to the Past," from Anastasia, was nominated for an Oscar, and in early 1998 she had a major hit with "Are You That Somebody?" from Eddie Murphy's Dr. Dolittle (in which she also made a cameo appearance). Aaliyah took her time recording a follow-up, and put the process completely on hold to start an acting career. She co-starred with martial-arts master Jet Li and rapper DMX in 2000's urban Shakespeare adaptation Romeo Must Die, and her accompanying soundtrack single, "Try Again," became her first number one hit on the pop charts that summer. Aaliyah subsequently completed filming on the Anne Rice vampire flick Queen of the Damned, playing the title role as a vampire queen, and was cast in a prominent role in the two sequels to The Matrix. Plus, she finally finished her long-awaited third album, with Timbaland again handling the most prominent tracks. Released in the summer of 2001, Aaliyah completed the singer's image overhaul into a sensual yet sensitive adult. The record received excellent reviews, and the first single, "We Need a Resolution," was a Top 20 R&B hit. About a month after the album's release, Aaliyah traveled to the Bahamas to film a video for its second single, "Rock the Boat." On August 25, she and several members of the crew boarded a small twin-engine Cessna plane returning to the mainland. The plane crashed shortly after takeoff, exploding on impact; Aaliyah and seven other passengers were killed instantly, and the ninth later died at a Nassau hospital. Investigations into the crash showed that the plane had been loaded far past its weight capacity, and that pilot Luis Morales had recently been arrested for crack cocaine possession (traces of which, along with alcohol, were found in his system); furthermore, the charter company, Blackhawk International Airways, had not authorized him to pilot the craft in question. Naturally, the R&B community reacted with an outpouring of shock and sorrow, and Aaliyah became the singer's only chart-topping album, eventually going double platinum. "Rock the Boat" and "More Than a Woman" were both posthumous Top Ten hits on the R&B chart, and Queen of the Damned was a commercial success upon its release in early 2002, topping the box office in its first week. As details continued to emerge from the plane crash investigation, Aaliyah's parents filed suit against Blackhawk Airways, Virgin Records, and several other companies. At the end of 2002, the posthumous album I Care 4 U entered the charts at number three; it mixed some of the singer's biggest hits with a selection of unreleased material. The title track was a Top 20 pop hit, and "Miss You" topped the R&B charts early the next year. ~ Steve Huey
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  1.   Song
  2.   Try Again
  3.   Rock the Boat
  4.   Are You That Somebody?
  5.   One in a Million
  6.   Back & Forth
  7.   More Than a Woman
  8.   At Your Best (You Are Love)
  9.   If Your Girl Only Knew
  10.   The One I Gave My Heart To
  11.   I Care 4 U
  12.   I Don't Wanna
  13.   Come Over
  14.   Age Ain't Nothing But a Number
  15.   Come Back in One Piece by DMX
  16.   Miss You
  17.   Never Comin' Back
  18.   Street Thing
  19.   4 Page Letter
  20.   We Need a Resolution by Timbaland
  21.   Choosey Lover (Old School/New School)
  22.   Hot Like Fire
  23.   Beats 4 Da Streets (Intro)
  24.   Never No More
  25.   It's Whatever
  26.   I Refuse
  27.   I'm Down
  28.   Got to Give It Up
  29.   I'm So Into You
  30.   Young Nation
  31.   Hold On featuring Timbaland
  32.   John Blaze by Missy Elliott
  33.   Intro
  34.   Don't Know What to Tell Ya
  35.   Throw Your Hands Up
  36.   Down With the Clique
  37.   Messed Up
  38.   Extra Smooth
  39.   No One Knows How to Love Me Quite Like You Do
  40.   Giving You More
  41.   What If by Timbaland
  42.   Man Undercover by Timbaland
  43.   Erica Kane
  44.   Don't Worry
  45.   All I Need
  46.   Are You Feelin' Me?
  47.   Old School
  48.   Ladies in da House
  49.   Heartbroken
  50.   Never Givin' Up
  51.   A Girl Like You
  52.   I Am Music featuring Static
  53.   What If
  54.   Those Were the Days
  55.   I Can Be
  56.   Read Between the Lines
  57.   Everything's Gonna Be Alright
  58.   I Gotcha' Back
  59.   Came to Give Love (Outro)
  60.   U Got Nerve
  61.   Are You Ready
  62.   Loose Rap by Static
  63.   Journey to the Past
  64.   The Thing I Like
  65.   Four Page Letter
  66.   Turn the Page
  67.   [Untitled Track]
  68.   Aaliyah Introduction
  69.   Aaliyah
  70.   Back in One Piece
  71.   Rock da Boat
  72.   Japananimation Commercial
  73.   Aaliyah Behind the Scenes
  74.   The Aaliyah Story
  75.   Death of a Playa
  76.   Nightriders featuring Buckshot
  77.   Aaliyah Story - 60 Minute Documentary
  78.   [Untitled]
  79.   Enough Said by Drake
  80.   Intro - A Flame Still Burns
  81.   Born to Sing
  82.   High School Hop
  83.   Plucked Like a Rose
  84.   Broken In
  85.   A Different Beat
  86.   Movie Queen
  87.   Work It Out
  88.   The Dark Side
  89.   An Eclipse of the Sun
  90.   Never Forgotten
  91.   Beats For da Streets
  92.   Miss U (Unreleased)
  93.   Down With Your Clique

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