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Able to juggle the profound and the profane along with the mainstream and the underground, rapper Ab-Soul is a member of the Black Hippy crew as well as a solo artist. Born Herbert Stevens in Los Angeles, Ab-Soul contracted Stevens-Johnson syndrome as a child, a hypersensitivity complex that left him light sensitive and wearing sunglasses most of the time. He rapped throughout high school but didn't take it seriously until after graduation, forming the group Area 51 with rapper Snake Hollywood and signing a deal with Street Beat Entertainment in 2005. The two-year deal ran out without much to show for it, but in 2007 Ab-Soul joined the Top Dawg label, with his A Day in the Life mixtape following a year later. In 2009 he formed the Black Hippy crew with fellow Top Dawg artists ScHoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay Rock, then in 2011 he made his solo debut with the album Longterm Mentality. His sophomore and breakthrough effort, Control System, followed a year later, featuring guest spots from the whole Black Hippy crew along with other artists like Jhené Aiko and Danny Brown. The album climbed to number 83 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, while his 2014 effort, These Days..., featured names like Lupe Fiasco and Rick Ross, and debuted at number 11. Two years later, Do What Thou Wilt. was released, hitting the Top 40 of the Billboard 200. ~ David Jeffries
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  1.   Song
  2.   Illuminate
  3.   Hunnid Stax
  4.   Terrorist Threats
  5.   Moscato
  6.   Empathy
  7.   Watch Yo Lady by Kendrick Lamar
  8.   Kendrick Lamar's Interlude
  9.   CleanClosure
  10.   Stigmata
  11.   World Runners
  12.   Gods Reign
  13.   Twact
  14.   Trouble by Aloe Blacc
  15.   Sapiosexual
  16.   Black Lip Bastard
  17.   Gone Insane
  18.   Mayday
  19.   Picture That
  20.   More Of A Euphoria
  21.   Evil Genius
  22.   INvocation
  23.   Big Payback by Murs
  24.   Moscato by Kendrick Lamar
  25.   Hell Yeah by ScHoolboy Q
  26.   Long Term 2
  27.   Soul Cry
  28.   Drift Away
  29.   Turn Me Up by Kendrick Lamar
  30.   Track Two
  31.   Beat the Case / / / Straight Crooked
  32.   Braille
  33.   Lonely Soul by SZA
  34.   #LTM by Pat Brown
  35.   AB-Soul
  36.   Mr. AB-Soulutely
  37.   Blowin Them Horns
  38.   Budget Ballin
  39.   No Pressure by Jay Rock
  40.   Feelin Us
  41.   Just Have Fun
  42.   Almost There
  43.   Big Payback
  44.   Top Dawg Under Dawg
  45.   Hell Yeah
  46.   Real Thinkers
  47.   The Book of Soul
  48.   Beautiful Death
  49.   Nothing's Something
  50.   A Rebellion
  51.   Bohemian Grove
  52.   YMF
  53.   Livin Like by Big Pooh
  54.   Huey Knew THEN
  55.   Double Standards
  56.   The Law
  57.   Now You Know
  58.   God's a Girl?
  59.   Portishead in the Morning / / / HER World
  60.   Wifey Vs. WiFI / / / P.M.S
  61.   Womanogamy
  62.   Thought It Was Love by Sore Losers
  63.   Can Anybody Hear Me by Punch
  64.   Passion by Alori Joh
  65.   Gutter by Jay Rock
  66.   Bankrupt
  67.   House Party 5
  68.   Dub Sac
  69.   Time Is Of The Essence
  70.   Nothing New
  71.   Loosen My Tie
  72.   Mixed Emotions
  73.   Soulo Ho3
  74.   Threatening Nature
  75.   Picture That by Javonte
  76.   More of a Euphoria by Alori Joh
  77.   Time Is of the Essence by Punch
  78.   Constipation by Black Hippy
  79.   Long Term by Lori Writes
  80.   Regular Nigga by Big Pooh
  81.   Still a Regular Nigga by Javonte
  82.   Almost There by BJ the Chicago Kid
  83.   Run tha Show
  84.   Day in the Life
  85.   Lyrically Speaking
  86.   My Dream Girl
  87.   Nevermind That
  88.   W.R.O.H
  89.   Tree of Life
  90.   #LTM
  91.   Showin' Love
  92.   Ride Slow
  93.   Pass the Blunt by ScHoolboy Q
  94.   RAW (Backwards)
  95.   Nothing New by Jhené Aiko
  96.   Be a Man
  97.   100 Yard Dash
  98.   Rush
  99.   Lust Demons
  100.   D.R.U.G.S.
  101.   Pineal Gland
  102.   Sopa