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Ace Frehley

Along with Eddie Van Halen, Kiss' Ace Frehley inspired numerous up-and-coming rockers to pick up the guitar in the 1970s -- and come the '90s, he was listed by just about every contemporary rock guitarist (Soundgarden's Kim Thayil, Pearl Jam's Mike McCready, Pantera's Dimebag Darrell, etc.) as an important influence. Born Paul Frehley on April 27, 1951, in the Bronx, New York, Frehley began playing guitar when he received an electric six-string for his 14th birthday in 1965. Already a big fan of the Rolling Stones, Frehley was blown away when he caught a multi-band live show in N.Y.C. in early 1967, featuring both the Who and Cream, among others, which solidified his desire to pursue rock guitar more seriously (and put a promising art career on the back burner). Frehley began playing in local bands soon after, adding both Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix to his influences -- and around this time, adopted the nickname "Ace." Although none of the bands he played with had taken off, he answered an ad in a local paper for a new hard rock, theatrically based group in early 1973. A few weeks after his initial tryout, Frehley was hired as the lead guitarist for the new quartet, joining bassist/singer Gene Simmons, rhythm guitarist/singer Paul Stanley, and drummer Peter Criss to form the band Kiss. By year's end, the greasepaint- and costume-wearing band was signed to Casablanca Records, and by 1978, had become one of the world's top hard rock bands. A string of platinum albums and sold-out tours lasted from 1975-1979, until the trappings of fame threatened to break up the band. Frehley's best friend in the band, Criss, left Kiss in 1980, as the group unsuccessfully experimented with non-metal styles. Ace Frehley's use of alcohol and drugs increased due to his ever-increasing unhappiness in the band, and, by 1982, he'd exited Kiss. Within a year or two after his split from Kiss, Ace began putting his own solo band together, Frehley's Comet. The band played local N.Y.C. clubs, but failed to issue a record until 1987's self-titled debut for Megaforce Records. Instead of following the heavy metal direction of his exceptional 1978 solo album, Frehley's Comet tried to keep pace with the current pop-metal movement (Mötley Crüe, etc.), issuing two other albums (and a live EP) by 1989. Around this time, Frehley put his old art talents to use once again through computer graphics, with a few of his images even being featured in an art exhibit. Despite mud slinging in the press between Simmons/Stanley and Frehley in the early '90s, all four original Kiss members made up in time to reunite for a 1995 taping of MTV Unplugged. The taping was such a success that it led to a full-blown reunion of the original lineup, resulting in the massively successful 1996-1997 Alive Worldwide Tour. Frehley continued as a member of Kiss until the end of their Farewell Tour (lasting longer than fellow original member Peter Criss, who dropped out in 2001). Live appearances, including gigs at the massive Rocklahoma festival, kept Ace busy until 2009 when he released the album Anomaly on his own label, Bronx Born Records. In 2011, he published No Regrets, a detailed and frank memoir which recounted, among other things, his aforementioned struggles with alcohol and cocaine addiction. In 2013 he celebrated seven years of sobriety and spent much of that year appearing at horror, sci-fi, and pop culture conventions. The following April, after a long wait, Kiss were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, before August brought the release of Space Invader, a solo album which took a heavier approach than Anomaly. 2016's Origins, Vol. 1 was an all-covers album featuring songs from Ace's favorite bands, up to and including Kiss with new versions of "Parasite" and "Cold Gin" sitting next to songs from Thin Lizzy and Cream. ~ Greg Prato
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Ace Frehley

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Ace Frehley

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Ace Frehley

  1.   Song
  2.   Rock Soldiers
  3.   Into the Night
  4.   Something Moved
  5.   Fox on the Run
  6.   New York Groove
  7.   Rocket Ride
  8.   Hard for Me
  9.   Dolls
  10.   Breakout
  11.   Emerald by Slash
  12.   Spanish Castle Magic by John 5
  13.   Change
  14.   Too Many Faces
  15.   Sister
  16.   Genghis Khan
  17.   Space Bear
  18.   White Room
  19.   Words Are Not Enough
  20.   Return Of The Space Bear
  21.   Rock and Roll Hell
  22.   Parasite by John 5
  23.   Wild Thing by Lita Ford
  24.   Bring It on Home
  25.   Street Fighting Man
  26.   I Wanna Hold You
  27.   Fractured Quantum
  28.   Change the World
  29.   A Little Below the Angels
  30.   Shock Me
  31.   Trouble Walkin' by Frehley's Comet
  32.   Stranger in a Strange Land
  33.   Rip It Out
  34.   Til the End of the Day
  35.   Fire and Water by Paul Stanley
  36.   The Joker
  37.   Reckless
  38.   Past the Milky Way
  39.   What Every Girl Wants
  40.   Immortal Pleasures
  41.   Toys
  42.   Gimme a Feelin'
  43.   Space Invader
  44.   Pain in the Neck
  45.   Outer Space
  46.   Back to School by Frehley's Comet
  47.   Lost in Limbo by Frehley's Comet
  48.   Five Card Stud by Frehley's Comet
  49.   Fractured III by Frehley's Comet
  50.   Remember Me by Frehley's Comet
  51.   N.Y. Groove
  52.   Separate
  53.   One Plus One
  54.   Cold Gin by Mike McCready
  55.   Fractured Too
  56.   Love Me Right
  57.   2 Young 2 Die by Frehley's Comet
  58.   We Got Your Rock
  59.   Inside the Vortex
  60.   Calling to You
  61.   It's a Great Life
  62.   Hide Your Heart by Frehley's Comet
  63.   Magic Carpet Ride
  64.   Starship
  65.   Do Ya by Frehley's Comet
  66.   Foxy & Free
  67.   Shot Full of Rock by Frehley's Comet
  68.   A Band Effort
  69.   Jamming with Gene
  70.   A Holiday Recording
  71.   Live EP at the Aragon
  72.   Live Video in Europe
  73.   Perfectionism, Rising Above
  74.   Sometimes It Is Better Together
  75.   Digital Art and Design
  76.   An Artwork Debate
  77.   Musical Evolution
  78.   Special Effects
  79.   Odd Jobs

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