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Adam Lambert

Before becoming a front-runner in the eighth season of American Idol, Adam Lambert made his name in the theater world, where he performed alongside Val Kilmer in the debut production of Ten Commandments: The Musical and landed an understudy role in a touring production of Wicked. The California native then parlayed his theater background into a multi-month run on American Idol in 2009. Lambert's flair for neo-goth clothing and eclectic arrangements made him a critical favorite, as did his dramatic tenor vocals. Following performances of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love," Tears for Fears' "Mad World," and Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire," Lambert found himself pitted against Kris Allen in the grand finale, which he ultimately lost by a slim margin. Lambert was unanimously praised by the American Idol judges, however, who all but guaranteed him a successful recording career following the show's conclusion. Although Lambert didn't win the Idol competition, he received far more attention than his castmates during the following months, during which he appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone in June ("I don't think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I'm gay," he stated in the accompanying article, thus putting an end to the public's speculation) and elicited standing ovations during the summer-long American Idol tour. He also signed with RCA and began recording his debut album, working alongside producer Rob Cavallo while soliciting material from the likes of Lady Gaga, Linda Perry, Justin Hawkins, and RedOne. One month before For Your Entertainment's release, Lambert unveiled his first single, a track from the 2012 soundtrack titled "Time for Miracles." His debut album followed in late November (arriving one week after the release of Kris Allen's own debut) and sold close to 200,000 copies during its first week, outdoing new releases by Rihanna and Lady Gaga in the process. Meanwhile, a risqué performance at the American Music Awards -- during which Lambert kissed his male keyboardist and danced suggestively with both sexes -- helped gather additional headlines, not to mention a fair amount of controversy. Lambert's five-song EP Acoustic Live!, featuring stripped-down versions of songs from For Your Entertainment as well as the Tears for Fears cover "Mad World," was released in December of 2010. The following year, Lambert delivered the concert album/DVD Glam Nation Live, featuring performances recorded during the Indianapolis, Indiana stop of his 2010 Glam Nation tour. Lambert's full-length sophomore effort, Trespassing, was released in 2012, with the album featuring a bevy of big-name collaborators including Bruno Mars, Nikka Costa, Sam Sparro, and Pharrell Williams. It hit number one but sold fewer copies than For Your Entertainment, and Lambert announced in 2013 that he was leaving RCA. He returned several times to American Idol, however, and also announced in 2014 that he would tour with Queen, where he would front the band in place of the late Freddie Mercury. In 2015, Lambert returned as the first former contestant to appear as a judge on American Idol. His next studio release would be The Original High -- his first on Warner Bros. following his departure from RCA -- on which he had worked with Swedish songwriter/producers Max Martin and Shellback. The album appeared in June of 2015. ~ Andrew Leahey
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Adam Lambert

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  2.   Whataya Want From Me
  3.   If I Had You
  4.   Ghost Town
  5.   Never Close Our Eyes
  6.   Think
  7.   For Your Entertainment
  8.   Trespassing
  9.   Better Than I Know Myself
  10.   Aftermath
  11.   Evil in the Night
  12.   Mad World
  13.   Runnin'
  14.   Shady
  15.   Time for Miracles
  16.   Pop That Lock
  17.   Cuckoo
  18.   Strut
  19.   Two Fux
  20.   Shame
  21.   Underground
  22.   Chokehold
  23.   Underneath
  24.   Kickin' In
  25.   Rough Trade
  26.   Beg for Mercy
  27.   Under the Midday Sun
  28.   Run Away
  29.   Ring of Fire
  30.   After Hours
  31.   The Light
  32.   Rumors
  33.   Another Lonely Night
  34.   The Original High
  35.   Broken English
  36.   Sacrifice
  37.   Turning On
  38.   Voodoo
  39.   Want
  40.   More Than
  41.   December
  42.   Castle Man
  43.   Time for Miracles, song
  44.   Sure Fire Winners
  45.   Soaked
  46.   Fever
  47.   Music Again
  48.   Sleepwalker
  49.   No Boundaries
  50.   There I Said It
  51.   Nirvana
  52.   Take Back
  53.   Outlaws of Love
  54.   Naked Love
  55.   Crawl Through the Fire
  56.   Pop Goes the Camera
  57.   The Circle
  58.   Jamming with Lasers
  59.   Down the Rabbit Hole
  60.   Things I Didn't Say
  61.   Broken Open
  62.   Welcome to the Show
  63.   These Boys
  64.   Heavy Fire
  65.   Lucy
  66.   MP3's Killed the Record Companies
  67.   Meet My Band
  68.   Can't Let You Go
  69.   Hourglass
  70.   Fields
  71.   Did You Need It
  72.   Climb
  73.   Pick U Up
  74.   A Loaded Smile
  75.   First Light
  76.   Just the Way It Is
  77.   Wonderful
  78.   Light Falls Away
  79.   20th Century Boy
  80.   Tribal Segment