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Ethno-classical project Adiemus was spearheaded by composer/conductor Karl Jenkins, a longtime member of prog-rock innovators the Soft Machine. The concept originated as a piece Jenkins penned for Delta Airlines television commercial, its fusion of ethnic vocals and orchestral backing proving so popular with consumers that a full-length Adiemus album, 1995's Songs of Sanctuary, was created with the aid of vocalist Miriam Stockley and the London Philharmonic Orchestra. The record was a hit on both popular and classical charts, and was followed in 1997 by Adiemus II--Cantata Mundi; Adiemus III: Dances of Time appeared a year later and Adiemus, Vol. 4: The Eternal Knot was issued in early 2001. ~ Jason Ankeny
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  1.   Song
  2.   Adiemus
  3.   Ceridwen's Curse by Karl Jenkins
  4.   Minute
  5.   Hymn
  6.   Cantus-Song Of Tears
  7.   In Caelum Fero by Karl Jenkins
  8.   Cantus-Song Of Trinity (Edit)
  9.   Cantus - Song of the Spirit
  10.   The Wooing Of Étaín
  11.   Cantus Insolitus
  12.   Beyond the Century
  13.   Corrente (Courante)
  14.   Cantus Inaequalis
  15.   Cantus-Song Of Plains (Edit)
  16.   Minuet
  17.   Tintinnabulum by Karl Jenkins
  18.   Adiemus II, Cantata Mundi featuring London Philharmonic Orchestra
  19.   Cantus - Song of the Plains
  20.   Kayama
  21.   Rain Dance
  22.   Cantus- Songs of Tears (Adiemus II)- Edit
  23.   Math was a wizard (from the soundtrack for "The Eternal Knot")
  24.   Hermit of the Sea Rock
  25.   The Dagda by Karl Jenkins
  26.   Connla's Well by Karl Jenkins
  27.   Palace of the Crystal Bridge (from the soundtrack for "The Eternal Knot")
  28.   The eternal knot (from the soundtrack for "The Eternal Knot")
  29.   Kaya Kakooya (Rumba)
  30.   Un Bolero Azul
  31.   La la la Koora (Landler)
  32.   Cantus - Song of the Trinity
  33.   Chorale I (Za Ma Ba)
  34.   Cantus Iteratus
  35.   Children of Dannu
  36.   Cantilena
  37.   Ein Wiener Walzer (A Viennese Waltz)
  38.   Isle of the mystic lake (from the soundtrack for "The Eternal Knot")
  39.   Adiemus (1999 New Version)
  40.   Allegrettango
  41.   Rain Dance by London Philharmonic Orchestra
  42.   Amate Adea by Karl Jenkins
  43.   Tintinnabulum
  44.   Boogie Woogie Llanoogie (Encore)
  45.   Amaté Adea
  46.   Hymn to the Dance
  47.   Intrada & Pavan
  48.   Chorale VI + Cantus - Song of Aeolus
  49.   King of the Sacred Grove
  50.   Salm O 'Dewi Sant'
  51.   Cantus Iteratus by Karl Jenkins
  52.   African Tango
  53.   Dos a dos (Square Dance)

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