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Admiral Bailey

b. Glendon Bailey, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. The Admiral first broke through with his infectious dancehall anthems and his distinctive military uniforms in 1986, when DJ Josey Wales took him to King Jammy’s from U-Roy’s King Sturgav Hi-Fi. The Waterhouse studio was alive with creativity, with Steely And Clevie constructing new digital rhythms and nurturing an impressive roster of artists. Bailey quickly proved himself, however, starting a run of hits with a duet with Chaka Demus, ‘One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer’. This was followed by ‘Politician’, ‘Chatty Chatty Mouth’, ‘Ballot Box’ (with Josey Wales) and 1987’s ‘Punany’ - for which a radio ban necessitated the release of a more ‘innocent’ version, ‘Healthy Body’. Other singles, including ‘Big Belly Man’, ‘Jump Up’, ‘Top Celebrity Man’ and ‘Cater For Woman’, continued the successful run, and he released his debut set, Kill Them With It, the same year. DJ Papa Biggy produced ‘Neighbourhood Living’ and ‘Newsflash Time’ and Bailey also recorded tunes for Donovan Germain and Jah Life. Shabba Ranks’ success somewhat overshadowed Bailey’s hits, ‘No Way No Better Than Yard’, ‘Don’t Have Me Up’, ‘Original Dela Move’ and ‘Science’, but they nevertheless sustained his profile. Ranks’ success also prompted the assertive, ‘Think Me Did Done’. When Ram Up You Party did not do as well as anticipated, Bailey’s career declined slightly, with the exception of occasional recordings for Penthouse Records (‘Help’) in 1990 and Bobby Digital (‘Ah Nuh Sin’) in 1991. In 1993, he resumed work with King Jammy, the producer who has brought him the most sustained success.
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Admiral Bailey

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Admiral Bailey

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Admiral Bailey

  1.   Song
  2.   Healthy Body
  3.   Big Belly Man
  4.   Chatty Chatty Mouth
  5.   Jump Up
  6.   Gal a You Shape
  7.   Don't Be Lazy
  8.   A Nuh Sin
  9.   Punanny
  10.   What Time Is It?
  11.   Weeping and Mourning
  12.   Don't Have Me Up
  13.   Mi Big Up
  14.   Bada Bada
  15.   Bailey Diddle- Admiral Bailey
  16.   Help
  17.   No Better Than Yard
  18.   Mek Wi Dance the Gungu
  19.   No Way No Better Than Yard
  20.   Think Me Did Done
  21.   Medal Fi di Shape
  22.   Old Time Something
  23.   Mi Hot Again
  24.   Winey Winey
  25.   Me Head A Hurt Me
  26.   Mi Ah the Danger
  27.   Live Wire
  28.   Hard Road
  29.   Kater for Woman
  30.   Com Pon Top
  31.   A Who Dem a Try Fe Fool
  32.   Pump Action
  33.   Rock And Roll Chat
  34.   Man And Woman
  35.   Try Some Hustling
  36.   Punnany by King Jammy
  37.   A No Nutten, Pt. 2
  38.   Kill Them with It
  39.   Me Ah de Danger
  40.   Horse Tonic
  41.   Gal, You Look Good
  42.   Laugh After Them
  43.   Della Move
  44.   Politician
  45.   Bailey Diddle
  46.   Action Pack
  47.   Butterfly
  48.   Woman a Trouble
  49.   Lovey Dovey Softy
  50.   Della Move by Beenie Man
  51.   In the Game
  52.   Don't Want No Kiss
  53.   Ha Fi Inna It
  54.   Put Your Right Foot In
  55.   X-Rated Country
  56.   Bad Man Gun
  57.   Girl of My Pleasure
  58.   Me Run Things
  59.   Woman You Sweet
  60.   Oil Ah Bawl Forward
  61.   Gangsta Roll
  62.   Bumper Bottom
  63.   Mi Gone
  64.   Me a Wine Her
  65.   Cock a Crow
  66.   Reaction
  67.   Skin Out by Mad Cobra

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