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Hailing from rainy Seattle, Aiden combine post-hardcore and punk attitudes with gothic aesthetics and a love of all things horror (not to mention, of course, the Misfits) to create surging, darkly melodic music. Aiden formed in the spring of 2003 while the bandmembers were still in high school, taking their name from the young ghost-seeing boy in the 2002 horror flick The Ring. A few lineup changes occurred early on; the quintet -- Nick Wiggins (bass), Jake Davison (drums), Angel Ibarra (guitar), Jake Wambold (guitar), and William "wiL" Francis (vocals) -- was solidified, however, before entering the studio in December 2004 to record its debut full-length, Our Gang's Dark Oath. Making two-song samplers of their album, Aiden managed to pass out a few thousand copies around town, sparking a word-of-mouth buzz all over Seattle. Their debut was released in June 2004 on Dead Teenager, and the band played countless shows throughout the year -- whenever school would allow. The hard work paid off quickly, and the group inked a deal with Victory Records by December. All the bandmembers were finally done with high school by June 2005, and Aiden were free to tour, jumping on the road that summer with the Hurt Process, the Audition, and the Junior Varsity. Their first label effort, Nightmare Anatomy, appeared in October 2005, proving to be a slickly energetic record with undeniable hooks despite somewhat morose lyrical content. Touring with labelmates Hawthorne Heights, Bayside, and Silverstein rounded out the year before Aiden headed back out to support 30 Seconds to Mars nationwide in the first half of 2006. Victory then re-released Our Gang's Dark Oath with new artwork in April 2006, the Rain in Hell EP arriving just in time for that year's Halloween. In August of 2007, Aiden issued Conviction, an album that took them away from their screamo tendencies toward more rock-oriented, melodic terrain. In 2009, the band made a return to its post-hardcore form with Knives, and followed up quickly with the live album From Hell... With Love, released in 2010. Later that year, the band went into the studio to begin work on its fifth album, Disguises. Produced by Francis, the album was released in 2011. Just five months later, Aiden announced that they already had another album in the works, and in the fall of 2011 they made good on their promise, releasing their sixth studio album, Some Kind of Hate. ~ Corey Apar
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  1.   Song
  2.   We Sleep Forever
  3.   Die Romantic
  4.   Horror Queen
  5.   World by Storm
  6.   Cry Little Sister (Theme From the Lost Boys)
  7.   I Set My Friends on Fire
  8.   The Devil's Eyes
  9.   Portrait
  10.   Teenage Queen
  11.   Genetic Design for Dying
  12.   Kid Becomes the Dream
  13.   Moment
  14.   Crusifiction
  15.   Our Gang's Dark Oath
  16.   Shine
  17.   The Asylum
  18.   Let the Right One In
  19.   Excommunicate
  20.   Elizabeth
  21.   She Will Love You
  22.   One Love
  23.   Son of Lies
  24.   Believe
  25.   A Candlelight Intro
  26.   White Wedding
  27.   Silent Eyes
  28.   It's Cold Tonight
  29.   Unbreakable (I.J.M.A.)
  30.   Breathless
  31.   The Last Sunrise
  32.   Knife Blood Nightmare
  33.   Cold December
  34.   Fifteen
  35.   Looking Glass Eyes
  36.   Pledge Resistance
  37.   Hysteria
  38.   Crusafiction
  39.   Scavengers of the Damned
  40.   King on Holiday
  41.   Killing Machine
  42.   Black Market Hell
  43.   Hurt Me
  44.   The Opening Departure
  45.   Darkness
  46.   Bliss
  47.   The Suffering
  48.   See You in Hell...
  49.   This City Is Far from Here
  50.   Goodbye We're Falling Fast
  51.   Enjoy the View
  52.   Bridge of Reason, Shore of Faith
  53.   The Dawn Breaking Tide
  54.   Walk Among the Dead
  55.   Reevolver
  56.   Malevolent Conversion
  57.   The Sky Is Falling
  58.   Die Die My Darling
  59.   The Essence
  60.   Perfect Muse
  61.   A Portrait of the Artist
  62.   Radio
  63.   Life I Left Behind
  64.   This Lost Town of Wandering Souls by Stalins War
  65.   A Silent Homecoming by Stalins War
  66.   Divide by Zero by Stalins War
  67.   This World Has No Heartbeat by Stalins War
  68.   Mordecai
  69.   Top Gun
  70.   Slumber Party
  71.   Convalescence
  72.   Body and Blood
  73.   Suffocating Words
  74.   The Crimson
  75.   Necessary Bloodshed
  76.   Wake the Dead
  77.   [CD-ROM Track]
  78.   Let's Light a Fire Tonight
  79.   Interview
  80.   Knives Interview
  81.   There Will Be Blood
  82.   Broken Bones
  83.   Irony in the Shadows
  84.   London Dungeon
  85.   Deactivate
  86.   Grotesque Vanity
  87.   Transmission
  88.   Freedom from Religion
  89.   The Courage to Carry On
  90.   In the End
  91.   Black Market Hell/Lori Meyers