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All That Remains

Formed by guitarist Oli Herbert and ex-Shadows Fall vocalist Phil Labonte in 1998, Massachusetts' All That Remains debuted in 2002 with Behind Silence and Solitude on Metal Blade. Rounded out by drummer Michael Bartlett, guitarist Chris Bartlett, and bassist Danny Egan, the record first showcased the band's blistering and heavy take on melodically infused hardcore death metal. All That Remains went through some lineup changes, and guitarist Mike Martin was added in for their 2004 breakthrough on Prosthetic Records, This Darkened Heart. Produced by Killswitch Engage's Adam Dutkiewicz and released to rave reviews, the record landed All That Remains on various shows and tours with the likes of GWAR, the Crown, Arch Enemy, Darkest Hour, and more. They continued touring nonstop behind Heart, taking a break only in late 2005 to begin writing new material for their third full-length. Working again with Dutkiewicz and Prosthetic, the band recorded The Fall of Ideals, which appeared in July 2006. By this time, the group was comprised of Labonte, Herbert, Martin, drummer Shannon Lucas, and bassist Jeanne Sagan. All That Remains hit the road once again, spending time on the European leg of the Sounds of the Underground tour and the summer's Ozzfest; nationwide headlining dates were completed that fall. Overcome followed in 2008, including two singles ("Chiron," "Two Weeks") that also appeared in the video-game franchise Rock Band. Their fifth album, For We Are Many, was produced by Adam Dutkiewicz and appeared in 2010. The album shot to the tenth spot on the Billboard 200 while the band set out on tour with Hatebreed and Five Finger Death Punch. All That Remains' eclectic sixth album, A War You Cannot Win, arrived in 2012; it was almost, though not quite, as successful as its predecessor, going to number 13 on the Billboard chart. It was three years before the band dropped another record. For 2015's The Order of Things, produced by Josh Wilbur, they upped the ante, making it faster, heavier, and more melodic than ever before. The album was preceded by the brutal single "No Knock." ~ Corey Apar
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All That Remains

Top Songs by
All That Remains

  1.   Song
  2.   Stand Up
  3.   Hold On
  4.   Two Weeks
  5.   This Probably Won't End Well
  6.   What If I Was Nothing
  7.   Forever in Your Hands
  8.   For You
  9.   The Waiting One
  10.   The Deepest Gray
  11.   The Last Time
  12.   This Calling
  13.   The Air That I Breathe
  14.   Six
  15.   Not Alone
  16.   A Reason for Me to Fight
  17.   No Knock
  18.   Undone
  19.   It Dwells in Me
  20.   Tru-Kvlt Metal
  21.   Do Not Obey
  22.   Tattered on My Sleeve
  23.   Passion
  24.   Follow
  25.   The Weak Willed
  26.   Vicious Betrayal
  27.   This Darkened Heart
  28.   A War You Cannot Win
  29.   Chiron
  30.   You Can't Fill My Shadow
  31.   The Greatest Generation
  32.   Relinquish
  33.   Victory Lap
  34.   Bite My Tongue
  35.   Whispers (I Hear You)
  36.   Criticism and Self Realization
  37.   I Believe in Nothing
  38.   Pernicious
  39.   Divide
  40.   For We Are Many
  41.   Won't Go Quietly
  42.   Asking Too Much
  43.   Not Fading
  44.   One Belief
  45.   Now Let Them Tremble...
  46.   Focus Shall Not Fail
  47.   Home to Me
  48.   Fiat Empire
  49.   Calculating Loneliness
  50.   Some of the People, All of the Time
  51.   Overcome
  52.   Regret Not
  53.   And Death in My Arms
  54.   For Salvation
  55.   Just Moments in Time
  56.   Intro
  57.   A Call to All Non-Believers
  58.   A Song for the Hopeless
  59.   Days Without
  60.   Empty Inside
  61.   We Stand
  62.   Behind Silence and Solitude
  63.   Sing for Liberty
  64.   Keepers of Fellow Man
  65.   From the Outside
  66.   Before the Damned
  67.   Indictment
  68.   Shading
  69.   From These Wounds
  70.   I Die in Degrees
  71.   Faithless
  72.   Aggressive Opposition
  73.   Clarity
  74.   Down Through the Ages
  75.   Erase
  76.   Become the Catalyst
  77.   Dead Wrong
  78.   Interviews/Practice Footage
  79.   The Calling
  80.   Tattered on Sleeve
  81.   The Air I Breathe
  82.   [Bounce Features]
  83.   Believe In Nothing

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