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The All-American Rejects

Vocalist/bassist Tyson Ritter and guitarist Nick Wheeler both hail from Stillwater, OK, where the pair first embraced music as an appealing diversion from the ho-hum life of small-town America. Citing such influences as AC/DC, Def Leppard, and Bon Jovi, they formed the emo-pop group All-American Rejects in 2000, while both members were still in high school. Maintaining a full lineup proved to be difficult, however, so Ritter and Wheeler employed drum loops and pre-programmed rhythm tracks during their early performances, an arrangement they then reprised on their self-titled debut. Originally released on the Doghouse label in October 2002, the poppy record was later reissued to a national audience by DreamWorks. The band scored a hit with the effervescent single "Swing, Swing," which attracted attention from Interscope Records and ultimately landed the All-American Rejects on the label's prized roster. Move Along, the band's sophomore album (and first for Interscope), was released in July 2005; it also marked the official debut of Mike Kennerty (guitar) and Chris Gaylor (drums), both of whom had joined the band in 2002 after the completion of the Rejects' eponymous debut. Like its predecessor, Move Along went platinum, with three singles ("Dirty Little Secret," "Move Along," and "It Ends Tonight") enjoying chart success in the U.S. and abroad. Recording sessions for a third album commenced in mid-2007 and ran through the following year, causing the All-American Rejects to cancel their scheduled Warped Tour performances (as well as a string of shows with Simple Plan). When the World Comes Down ultimately arrived in December 2008, preceded by the single "Gives You Hell." The band hit the road in support of the album, but were forced to cut their tour short in 2009 after Ritter was confined to a wheelchair after getting knee surgery. The band got back to writing the following year, working with producer Greg Wells on their fourth album, Kids in the Street, which arrived in 2012. ~ Andrew Leahey
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The All-American Rejects

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The All-American Rejects

  1.   Song
  2.   Gives You Hell
  3.   Dirty Little Secret
  4.   Move Along
  5.   It Ends Tonight
  6.   I Wanna
  7.   Swing, Swing
  8.   Why Worry
  9.   Beekeeper's Daughter
  10.   The Poison
  11.   Heartbeat Slowing Down
  12.   The Wind Blows
  13.   Jack's Lament
  14.   My Paper Heart
  15.   Don't Leave Me
  16.   Someday's Gone
  17.   The Last Song
  18.   1.21 Gigawatts by The Break
  19.   Can't Take It
  20.   Top of the World
  21.   Straightjacket Feeling
  22.   Walk Over Me
  23.   Your Star
  24.   Mona Lisa
  25.   Back to Me
  26.   Night Drive
  27.   Stab My Back
  28.   Happy Endings
  29.   Time Stands Still
  30.   I'm Waiting
  31.   Damn Girl
  32.   One More Sad Song
  33.   Too Far Gone
  34.   The Cigarette Song
  35.   It Ends Tonightsion]
  36.   Real World
  37.   Dance Inside
  38.   Drive Away
  39.   Drown Next to Me
  40.   Affection
  41.   Gonzo
  42.   Believe
  43.   Another Heart Calls
  44.   Change Your Mind
  45.   11:11 P.M.
  46.   Untitled
  47.   Another Heart Calls
  48.   Do Me Right
  49.   Fast & Slow
  50.   Credits
  51.   Lost in Stillwater (Behind the Scenes)
  52.   All American Rejects Concert [Live at the Bready Theatre] [Multimedia T
  53.   [Untitled]
  54.   [Untitled]
  55.   [Untitled]
  56.   [Untitled]
  57.   Here I Sit
  58.   [Untitled]
  59.   [Untitled]
  60.   [Untitled]
  61.   Fallin' Apart
  62.   Bonus Material
  63.   Bite Back
  64.   Eyelash Wishes
  65.   Breakin'
  66.   Kiss Yourself Goodbye
  67.   Bleed Into Your Mind
  68.   Kids In the Street
  69.   Sierra's Song
  70.   The Future Has Arrived, song (as used in the film Meet The Robinsons)
  71.   Give You Hell
  72.   I For You
  73.   Out the Door
  74.   Sunshine
  75.   Straitjacket Feeling