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Ariel Pink is a Los Angeles-based one-man band. His lo-fi Baroque music was first discovered and then distributed by indie group Animal Collective, who began releasing volumes of Ariel Pink home recordings on their Paw Tracks label. In 2008, Pink formed a new band with keyboardist/guitarist/backing vocalist Kenny Gilmore, drummer/vocalist/guitarist Jimi Hey, and guitarist Cole M. Greif-Neill, who became known as Haunted Graffiti. Drummer Aaron Sperske later replaced Jimi Hey. Ariel Pink was born Ariel Marcus Rosenberg in Los Angeles on June 24, 1978. By age ten he was writing songs. His early influences were pop acts such as Hall & Oates, Michael Jackson, 10cc, Fleetwood Mac, and David Bowie. After a stint studying visual art at the California Institute of the Arts, Pink switched his artistic focus to songcraft for good, recording over 500 songs for a vault's worth of music. In 2003, while attending an Animal Collective show, he passed a disc of his recordings on to the band via future Graffiti drummer Hey. The group soon began releasing Pink material on their Paw Tracks imprint. First up was 2004's warped The Doldrums, which gained Pink both critical acclaim and a cult following. Worn Copy (2005) and House Arrest (2006) followed. After the Paw Tracks releases, Pink emptied his backlog of recordings on various limited-edition/low-profile releases: Lover Boy in 2006, Scared Famous and Underground in 2007, and the compilation Oddities Sodomies, Vol. 1 in 2008. As the lo-fi movement became more fashionable and gained popularity, Pink's influence grew. He signed with indie label 4AD late in 2009. His first album for 4AD, Before Today, appeared the next year. Recorded with a four-piece band, it was his highest-fidelity recording to date, and it was a major critical success. In 2011, Pink released the 16-minute song "Witchhunt Suite for WWIII," which was previously featured on 2007's tour-only album YAS DuDette, as a single to commemorate the tenth anniversary of 9/11. He also reteamed with R. Stevie Moore on the double album Ku Klux Glam, which appeared early in 2012. In August of that year, the third Haunted Graffiti album, Mature Themes, arrived, boasting a darker, more eclectic approach that spanned '60s bubblegum homages and a cover of Donnie and Joe Emerson's 1979 soul-pop song "Baby." In May 2013, Human Ear Music reissued Thrash & Burn, a 94-minute-long collection of musique concrète pieces Pink recorded in 1998 (the label had issued the set as a cassette-only release in 2006). Early Live Recordings appeared on the label by the end of the year. The 2014 double album Pom Pom found Pink returning to his solo moniker and featured songs co-written with Kim Fowley. In 2015, Pink provided backup vocals on recordings by Miley Cyrus, Mild High Club, and Soko. Pink and Weyes Blood collaborated for a 12" EP titled Myths 002, which was released by Mexican Summer in early 2017. Later in the year, Pink's solo single, "Another Weekend," was issued by the label. This preceded his first full-length in three years, Dedicated to Bobby Jameson, which was inspired by the '60s cult musician and L.A. counterculture figure. ~ Vincent Thomas
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Ariel Pink

  1.   Song
  2.   Feels Like Heaven
  3.   50 Cents
  4.   Life Song
  5.   Jell-O
  6.   Kamikaze
  7.   Foul Play
  8.   Another Weekend
  9.   Exile on Frog Street
  10.   Put Your Number in My Phone
  11.   White Freckles
  12.   Plastic Raincoats In the Pig Parade
  13.   Tractor Man
  14.   By the Powers of Grayskull
  15.   Zip Drive
  16.   Die He Die
  17.   Double Jeopardy
  18.   On the Beach
  19.   Tears on Fire
  20.   White Rain in the Windy Summer
  21.   Red Vinyl
  22.   Dayzed Inn Daydreams
  23.   Dancing In the Darkness
  24.   Memorial
  25.   Why Am I So Sad
  26.   Who Has Scene the Ween
  27.   Innagecko
  28.   Don't Turn Back
  29.   Half Girls Half Boys
  30.   The Andalusian
  31.   Lipstick
  32.   Farewell Goodbye
  33.   Picture Me Gone
  34.   Logan's Run
  35.   Nana
  36.   Darby's Revenge
  37.   You Die Slowly and Then You Die
  38.   In the Dungeon
  39.   Shoes
  40.   I'm Burning Up
  41.   Pleasure Spot, Pt. 2: Lucinda Cunt
  42.   Cemetary Suite
  43.   Black Ballerina
  44.   Cuz You're Dead (Lester Bangs)
  45.   Acting by Dâm-Funk
  46.   Pleasure Spot, Pt. 3: See You Are
  47.   Not Her Home Yet
  48.   Everybody
  49.   I Lied To Her
  50.   Those Were the Days (Now I'm 21)
  51.   Pleasure Spot, Pt. 1: Sweet Jane Rock N Roll
  52.   Damo's CD
  53.   Leggos
  54.   Inside Looking Out
  55.   Four Shadows
  56.   Equus
  57.   Shelly Come Out Tonite
  58.   El Fantastic Summer, Pt. 1
  59.   The Appleasians
  60.   Brother Sister
  61.   Nude Beach a Go-Go
  62.   Sexual Athletics
  63.   Starry Eyes
  64.   Lila Lay
  65.   Berzerker
  66.   I Disguise You
  67.   Something In Your Eye
  68.   I Sold My Soul
  69.   Red Scare
  70.   Art Life
  71.   Disco MIA aka Bust a Move
  72.   2008
  73.   My Cutie
  74.   I Won't See You Again
  75.   Crusades
  76.   Nazi Love
  77.   Chunga
  78.   White Rain Reprise
  79.   Not Enough Violence
  80.   Nothing at All/Different Names
  81.   Red Room
  82.   Cry Yourself to Sleep (12 Minute Overture)
  83.   Dawn
  84.   Negativ Ed
  85.   Everybody by Julia Holter
  86.   Funeral
  87.   Funeral In an Aircraft