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As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying are a metal-hardcore crossover band from San Diego, California. The group formed as a trio in 2001 with vocalist Tim Lambesis, drummer Jordan Mancino, and guitarist Evan White, and shortly thereafter released Beneath the Encasing of Ashes. A split CD with the American Tragedy followed the next year. In 2003 the band signed with Metal Blade and released Frail Words Collapse. After the album's release, White left the band and the remaining core of the group, Lambesis and Mancino, drafted two guitarists to replace him, Phil Sgrosso and Nick Hipa, and also landed a bass player in Clint Norris. The new lineup recorded Shadows Are Security, released in 2005. As I Lay Dying next issued A Long March: The First Recordings in May 2006, which included their 2001 out of print debut, along with two versions of their songs from the 2002 American Tragedy split. The band then spent that summer on the Sounds of the Underground metal-hardcore tour alongside acts like In Flames, GWAR, Trivium, and Cannibal Corpse. Soon after, Clint Norris left to pursue life as a family man and Josh Gilbert replaced him on bass. With the addition of Gilbert's vocal harmonies, the band's sound became more melodic, and in August 2007, the group released its fourth album, An Ocean Between Us. In 2009, the band released a three-DVD collection called This Is Who We Are. The set included a documentary, a live gig, and assorted videos and tidbits. Arriving as it did after a two-year hiatus, it was welcomed enthusiastically by the band's near fanatical fan base. In 2010, As I Lay Dying returned to record store shelves proper when the band issued the 11-cut Powerless Rise on Metal Blade. The next year, to commemorate their tenth anniversary as a band, As I Lay Dying released the compilation Decas, which featured the band covering songs by influential acts like Slayer and Judas Priest, as well as some new material and remixes. In 2012, the band hit the studio with punk icon and producer Bill Stevenson to record its sixth album, Awakened, which arrived on Metal Blade later that year. ~ Wade Kergan
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As I Lay Dying

Top Songs by
As I Lay Dying

  1.   Song
  2.   The Sound of Truth
  3.   Cauterize
  4.   Confined
  5.   Empty Hearts
  6.   94 Hours
  7.   Nothing Left
  8.   The Darkest Nights
  9.   Through Struggle
  10.   Elegy
  11.   Meaning in Tragedy
  12.   Within Destruction
  13.   Collision
  14.   Falling Upon Deaf Ears
  15.   Losing Sight
  16.   Control Is Dead
  17.   Parallels
  18.   I Never Wanted
  19.   Forever
  20.   Electric Eye
  21.   An Ocean Between Us
  22.   Upside Down Kingdom
  23.   Resilience
  24.   Forsaken
  25.   Paralyzed
  26.   Beyond Our Suffering
  27.   Reinvention
  28.   Defender
  29.   A Greater Foundation
  30.   Vacancy
  31.   Condemned
  32.   Anodyne Sea
  33.   Anger and Apathy
  34.   Separation
  35.   Morning Waits
  36.   Distance Is Darkness
  37.   The Beginning
  38.   Moving Forward
  39.   Departed
  40.   Forced to Die
  41.   No Lungs to Breathe
  42.   The Only Constant Is Change
  43.   The Blinding of False Light
  44.   The Darkest Nights
  45.   Comfort Betrays
  46.   The Truth of My Perception
  47.   Repeating Yesterday
  48.   Illusions
  49.   Refined by Your Embrace
  50.   A Breath in the Eyes of Eternity
  51.   Beneath the Encasing of Ashes
  52.   Unwound
  53.   Tear Out My Eyes
  54.   My Only Home
  55.   Washed Away
  56.   Overcome
  57.   Whispering Silence
  58.   War Ensemble
  59.   From Shapeless to Breakable
  60.   Without Conclusion
  61.   The Plague
  62.   This Is Who We Are
  63.   Wrath Upon Ourselves
  64.   Bury Us All
  65.   Reflection
  66.   The Pain of Separation
  67.   Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier
  68.   The Innocence Spilled
  69.   Surrounded
  70.   Blood Turned to Tears
  71.   Hellion
  72.   A Thousand Steps
  73.   Undefined
  74.   A Long March
  75.   When This World Fades
  76.   The Voices That Betray Me
  77.   Song 10
  78.   Coffee Mug
  79.   Wasted Words

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