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Avantasia was an all-star side project headed by Tobias Sammet, lead singer of the prog-tinged German power metal band Edguy. While recording a guest appearance from Blind Guardian singer Hansi Kürsch with his regular band, Sammet conceived of a massive-scale rock opera featuring the cream of the current power metal scene. He spent a year composing the material, named the "band" Avantasia, and recruited a variety of vocalists to tell his story: Gamma Ray's Kai Hansen, Stratovarius' Timo Tolkki, Virgin Steele's David DeFeis, Angra's Andre Matos, Warrior's Rob Rock, and Within Temptation's Sharon den Adel. For the backing band, Sammet gathered guitarists Jens Ludwig (Edguy) and Henjo Richter (Gamma Ray), bassist Markus Grosskopf (Helloween), and drummer Alex Holzwarth (Rhapsody). The album, The Metal Opera, was filled with tried-and-true fantasy themes and anthemic, progressive pomp-metal; it was released by Century Media in the summer of 2001 and was followed by the sequel, The Metal Opera, Vol. 2, the following year in 2002. The band returned years later with its Scarecrow Saga, a three-album piece consisting of The Scarecrow, released in 2008, and The Wicked Symphony and Angel of Babylon, both released in 2010. The Flying Opera, a live set from the Scarecrow tours, was released in 2011, and the following year they unleashed The Mystery of Time, their biggest production yet, which featured the Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg. ~ Steve Huey
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  1.   Song
  2.   Wastelands
  3.   Scales of Justice
  4.   Dying For an Angel
  5.   Avantasia
  6.   The Wicked Symphony
  7.   Sign of the Cross
  8.   Inside
  9.   Sleepwalking by Tobias Sammet
  10.   The Tower
  11.   Forever Is a Long Time
  12.   Scary Eyes
  13.   Return to Avantasia
  14.   Lay All Your Love On Me
  15.   Promised Land
  16.   Another Angel Down
  17.   Carry Me Over
  18.   Twisted Mind
  19.   Into the Unknown
  20.   Memory by Ralf Zdiarstek
  21.   Chalice of Agony by Kai Hansen
  22.   Prelude
  23.   Spectres by Tobias Sammet
  24.   The Edge
  25.   States of Matter
  26.   Runaway Train
  27.   Ride the Sky
  28.   Lost in Space
  29.   I Don't Believe in Your Love
  30.   Cry Just a Little
  31.   The Toy Master
  32.   What Kind of Love
  33.   Shelter from the Rain
  34.   The Scarecrow
  35.   The Final Sacrifice by David Defeis
  36.   In Quest For by Bob Catley
  37.   The Seven Angels
  38.   Farewell
  39.   Reach Out for the Light
  40.   Serpents in Paradise
  41.   Malleus Maleficarum
  42.   The Looking Glass by Bob Catley
  43.   Invoke The Machine by Tobias Sammet
  44.   Breaking Away
  45.   Symphony Of Life
  46.   Black Wings
  47.   The Story Ain't Over
  48.   Lost In Space by Amanda Somerville
  49.   In My Defense
  50.   Reach out for Light
  51.   Anywhere
  52.   The Glory of Rome
  53.   In Nomine Patris
  54.   A New Dimension
  55.   No Return
  56.   Crestfallen
  57.   Sign of the Cross/The Seven Angels
  58.   Neverland by Rob Rock
  59.   Devil in the Belfry
  60.   Dancing With Tears In My Eyes