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Formed by two like musical souls who had realized that their band was holding them back, Avatar was born when John Alfredsen and Jonas Jarlsby decided that their then current positions in Lost Soul were going nowhere, left and regrouped under their new moniker. Eventually, Alfredsen and Jarlsby would be introduced to Johannes Eckerström, and the core of Avatar would be in place. To round out the membership and roster, Henrik Sandelin and Simon Andersson joined the fold in 2003 -- just in time to record the band's debut demo, Personal Observations. While gigging like mad to promote the band's first calling card, Avatar stepped back into the studio to record their debut EP, 2004's 4 Reasons to Die. Following the EP's release, Avatar was given the opportunity to take their sound outside their native Sweden for the first time since the band's 2001 inception. They next entered the studio to work on a debut full-length, and, during the recording process scored a deal with Gain Records. That album, Thoughts of No Tomorrow, was released in 2006, and was followed by two European tours, one with Impaled Nazarene, the other with Evergrey. Their busy year was rounded out with two shows alongside original Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Di'Anno. 2007 was to be equally momentous for Avatar. They started off the year as the opening act for major metal act Stone Sour, and finished it off with a new album in the shops. Schlacht, released in October of that year, was followed by a support slot on the 2008 Obituary tour. ~ Chris True
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  1.   Song
  2.   Hail the Apocalypse
  3.   Laws of Gravity
  4.   Bloody Angel
  5.   Let It Burn
  6.   Smells Like a Freakshow
  7.   Vultures Fly
  8.   Tsar Bomba
  9.   What I Don't Know
  10.   Meskerim
  11.   Passage by Shumagorath
  12.   Get in Line
  13.   Murderer
  14.   It's You
  15.   Obsolete (Interlude)
  16.   Letters from Neverend
  17.   Deeper Down
  18.   Shattered Wings
  19.   Queen of Blades
  20.   Might Not Be
  21.   Sane?
  22.   I Still Hate You
  23.   Can't Find Myself
  24.   Tower
  25.   Puppet Show
  26.   Lullaby (Death All Over)
  27.   Revolution of Two
  28.   One Touch
  29.   The Sky
  30.   Blood Suckers
  31.   Shatterproof
  32.   Cold Piece of Work
  33.   Pigfucker
  34.   Out of Our Minds
  35.   Reload
  36.   The Great Pretender
  37.   Use Your Tongue
  38.   Paint Me Red
  39.   Black Waltz
  40.   Ready for the Ride
  41.   Torn Apart
  42.   Die with Me
  43.   All Hail the Queen
  44.   Schlacht
  45.   Slave Hive Meltdown
  46.   American Lullaby
  47.   The Machine (Intro)
  48.   Stay Away
  49.   Fallen
  50.   Invasion
  51.   Synesthesia
  52.   The Way Things Work
  53.   How Could You?
  54.   Replaceable Parts (Interlude)
  55.   Funny Feeling
  56.   Skullbones & Gravestones featuring 2Mex
  57.   Propellers
  58.   A Beautiful Place
  59.   Death of Sound
  60.   Roadkill
  61.   Let Us Die
  62.   And I Bid You Farewell
  63.   My Lie
  64.   Stranger
  65.   Last One Standing
  66.   Bound To the Wall
  67.   One\One\One\Three
  68.   4AM Breakdown
  69.   All Which Is Black
  70.   Alkebulan
  71.   Bharum Scarum
  72.   More Time
  73.   Let Her Go
  74.   She Says
  75.   24 2 Me
  76.   Wildflower
  77.   This Machine Has Gone Wrong (Outro)
  78.   The Skinner
  79.   Something in the Way
  80.   The Cosmic Hand
  81.   Marsala
  82.   Call The Peace
  83.   I Was Having a Bath on the Sea
  84.   As It Is
  85.   Flyin' Low
  86.   My Shining Star
  87.   In Napalm
  88.   When You Darkest Hour Comes
  89.   Mannekinz
  90.   Shiva Shuffle
  91.   The Willy
  92.   Sins of the Father
  93.   Blod
  94.   The End of Our Ride
  95.   War Song
  96.   Interviews
  97.   Angelic
  98.   When Your Darkest Hour Comes