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Avenged Sevenfold

One of the more successful and accessible metalcore outfits to come out of the early 2000s, Avenged Sevenfold endured changes both stylistic and internal during their rise from teenage troublemakers to mainstream success story. The members of Avenged Sevenfold (or A7X) were still attending high school in Huntington Beach, California, when they formed their band in 1999. Nevertheless, it didn't take long for M. Shadows (vocals), Zacky Vengeance (guitar), Synyster Gates (guitar), the Reverend (drums), and Johnny Christ (bass) to make an impression with their aggressive hybrid of metal, hard rock, and punk-pop. The band made its official debut in July 2001, releasing Sounding the Seventh Trumpet on the Goodlife label before moving to the Hopeless roster for 2003's Waking the Fallen. Warner Bros. took interest in the band's aggressive sound and issued its breakthrough release, City of Evil, in June 2005. The album reached number 30 on Billboard's Top 200, propelled in part by the Top Ten success of the single "Bat Country." The accompany music video was heavily rotated on MTV and Fuse, where live appearances also helped boost Avenged's growing profile, and the band ultimately won the Best New Artist Award (though they were hardly newcomers) at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards. As demand for their music increased, Avenged Sevenfold canceled their tour dates for fall 2006 and set to work on a fourth studio album. Boasting a grittier sound than previous releases, the self-titled/self-produced disc appeared in October 2007, debuting at number four on the Billboard Top 200 and spinning off the radio single "Almost Easy." The album also fared well in England, where three songs cracked the Top Five of the U.K. rock charts, and Avenged Sevenfold helped support the release by touring North America on the Taste of Chaos tour. Released in September 2008, the CD/DVD package Live in the LBC and Diamonds in the Rough captured the band during a tour stop in Long Beach. In 2009 the band announced plans to begin work on its third studio release. That same year, drummer Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan passed away at the age of 28, and in 2010 the band released Nightmare with replacement drummer Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater). In 2011, they recorded the song "Carry On" for the Call of Duty Arms: Black Ops II video game, before releasing 2013's Hail to the King, which featured new drummer Arin Ilejay of Confide and reached the number one spot on the Billboard 200. ~ Christina Fuoco
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Avenged Sevenfold

Top Songs by
Avenged Sevenfold

  1.   Song
  2.   Bat Country
  3.   Almost Easy
  4.   Hail to the King
  5.   Nightmare
  6.   Welcome to the Family
  7.   Scream
  8.   Afterlife
  9.   Beast and the Harlot
  10.   So Far Away
  11.   This Means War
  12.   Carry On
  13.   Walk
  14.   Shepherd of Fire
  15.   Buried Alive
  16.   Unholy Confessions
  17.   Paranoid
  18.   Seize the Day
  19.   Desecrate Through Reverence
  20.   Crimson Day
  21.   An Epic of Time Wasted
  22.   A Little Piece of Heaven
  23.   Not Ready to Die
  24.   Critical Acclaim
  25.   Dear God
  26.   Natural Born Killer
  27.   Danger Line
  28.   Coming Home
  29.   Doing Time
  30.   Save Me
  31.   Warmness on the Soul
  32.   Gunslinger
  33.   Unbound (The Wild Ride)
  34.   Requiem
  35.   God Hates Us
  36.   Lost
  37.   Burn It Down
  38.   Heretic
  39.   Betrayed
  40.   Victim
  41.   Brompton Cocktail
  42.   Strength of the World
  43.   Blinded in Chains
  44.   M.I.A.
  45.   Fiction
  46.   Trashed and Scattered
  47.   Acid Rain
  48.   I Won't See You Tonight, Pt. 1
  49.   Planets
  50.   The Wicked End
  51.   Radiant Eclipse
  52.   Sidewinder
  53.   Tonight the World Dies
  54.   Clairvoyant Disease
  55.   Chapter Four
  56.   Second Heartbeat
  57.   4:00 AM
  58.   Crossroads
  59.   And All Things Will End
  60.   Thick and Thin
  61.   Waking the Fallen
  62.   Waking the Fallen: Resurrected
  63.   Lips of Deceit
  64.   Remissions
  65.   To End the Rapture
  66.   Eternal Rest
  67.   Remenissions
  68.   Intro/Chapter Four
  69.   Darkness Surrounding
  70.   Flash of the Blade
  71.   I Won't See You Tonight, Pt. 2
  72.   We Come Out at Night
  73.   Shattered By Broken Dreams
  74.   Streets
  75.   Forgotten Faces
  76.   Breaking Their Hold
  77.   The Art of Subconscious Illusion
  78.   Turn the Other Way
  79.   30 Second Spot
  80.   [Bonus Material]
  81.   Avenged Sevenfold
  82.   Demons
  83.   Girl I Know
  84.   Until the End
  85.   Tension
  86.   The Fight
  87.   Dancing Dead
  88.   Etched Deathbat (No Audio)
  89.   Afterlife - Live Enhanced Video
  90.   Bat County
  91.   Burn Ot Down
  92.   Syn's Solo
  93.   Beast and Harlot
  94.   All Hail Avenged Sevenfold
  95.   An Honour
  96.   We Wear Our Influences on Our Sleeves
  97.   Magic Mike
  98.   Rock 'n' Roll
  99.   Surviving the Road
  100.   How Do You Replace the Rev?
  101.   Computer Geek
  102.   R.I.P. James
  103.   Band Life
  104.   The Sound of Sabbath
  105.   Waking the Fallen: Resurrected Documentary