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Azure Ray

Although they became important figures in the Saddle Creek community of Omaha, NE, Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor made their initial mark in Athens, GA, where they formed Azure Ray in 2001. The two musicians -- both Alabama natives as well as childhood friends -- relocated to Athens after school and combined elements of folk, pop, and light electronica into their 2001 debut album. The next winter, Azure Ray issued the November EP on the Saddle Creek label, sparking a fruitful association with the label and its roster. The sophomore effort Burn and Shiver followed in 2002 and exuded a more serene soundscape, as well as slick production work from Crooked Fingers frontman Eric Bachmann. Fink and Taylor also began lending their help to other albums, from Moby's 18 to Bright Eyes' Lifted or the Story Is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground. Meanwhile, they also served as members of Now It's Overhead, another Saddle Creek band. A year later, Azure Ray continued their prolific pace by issuing Hold on Love. The album proved to be the duo's last release for seven years, though, and both musicians pursued solo careers in the interim. Maria Taylor put out three full-length albums and one collaborative EP (the latter recorded with her Saddle Creek friend Andy LeMaster), while Orenda Fink released a pair of solo albums, one digital EP, one album with her side project Art in Manila, and another with the short-lived pop duo O+S. Taylor and Fink returned their focus to Azure Ray in 2009, launching a brief tour that year before returning in 2010 with their fourth album, Drawing Down the Moon. In September of 2012, the band's fifth, more electronic-leaning offering As Above So Below arrived. ~ MacKenzie Wilson
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Albums by
Azure Ray

Top Songs by
Azure Ray

  1.   Song
  2.   Don't Leave My Mind
  3.   Sleep
  4.   Hold on Love
  5.   Dancing Ghosts
  6.   Love and Permanence
  7.   New Resolution
  8.   Displaced
  9.   November
  10.   Safe and Sound
  11.   Red Balloon
  12.   Larraine
  13.   Walking In Circles
  14.   On and On Again
  15.   Make Your Heart
  16.   Signs In the Leaves
  17.   Scattered Like Leaves
  18.   Fever
  19.   In the Fog
  20.   The Heart Has Its Reasons
  21.   Look to Me
  22.   For the Sake of the Song
  23.   Nothing Like a Song
  24.   [Untitled]
  25.   To This Life
  26.   Dragonfly
  27.   These White Lights Will Bend to Make Blue
  28.   How Will You Survive
  29.   Beautiful Things Can Come from the Dark
  30.   4th of July
  31.   Don't Make a Sound
  32.   Another Week
  33.   We Exchanged Words
  34.   The Devil's Feet
  35.   Rise
  36.   Wake Up, Sleepyhead
  37.   The Drinks We Drank Last Night
  38.   We Are Mice
  39.   Rest Your Eyes
  40.   A Thousand Years
  41.   Home
  42.   For No One
  43.   While I'm Still Young
  44.   We Could Wake
  45.   How You Remember
  46.   Nightfall
  47.   Sea of Doubts
  48.   Trees Keep Growing
  49.   Other Than This World
  50.   The New Year
  51.   Silver Sorrow
  52.   Seven Days
  53.   The Love of Two
  54.   Raining in Athens
  55.   Unannounced
  56.   Just a Faint Line
  57.   I Will Do These Things
  58.   If You Fall
  59.   No Signs of Pain
  60.   Across the Ocean
  61.   Favorite Cities
  62.   Your Weak Hands
  63.   Shouldn't Have Loved

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