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Formed in spring 2004, just as the Libertines were beginning to fall apart, Babyshambles became the main vessel for Pete Doherty's poetic, chaotic rock when he was ousted from the Libertines for his increasing drug use and erratic behavior. Babyshambles released their self-titled debut 7" in April 2004, and settled on the lineup of Doherty, guitarist Patrick Walden, bassist Drew McConnell, and drummer Gemma Clarke by that summer. That fall, things went relatively smoothly for the band, with a sold-out U.K. tour and the release of a second single, Killamangiro, on the Libertines' former label, Rough Trade. But by December, the band had to cancel or halt shows because Doherty was unable to perform; one of these sudden cancellations sparked a riot at the London Astoria. Clarke left the band early in 2005 and was replaced with new drummer Adam Ficek. Despite the band's ongoing tumult -- which included Doherty's arrest for allegedly assaulting and blackmailing documentarian Max Carlish (these charges were dropped that spring) -- Babyshambles began work on their first album. Teaming up with former Libertines producer Mick Jones, the band worked on the album through the spring and summer of 2005 and released the single Fuck Forever that August as a teaser for the full-length. Down in Albion was released in the U.K. that fall and Babyshambles toured in support of it, although the band canceled almost as many gigs as it actually performed. Doherty's wild behavior continued and his numerous run-ins with the law, which included being held on suspicion of stealing a car and possession of Class A drugs in early 2006, and being arrested three times in one day, made Babyshambles' existence as perilous as ever. Down in Albion was released in the U.S. that spring. The Blinding EP arrived in fall 2006. Shotter's Nation, Babyshambles' first full-length for EMI/Parlophone, arrived the following fall, boasting more polished production and focused songwriting. After a slightly shambolic European tour -- with canceled dates due to Doherty's imprisonment -- in support of Shotter's Nation, Doherty went on to release a solo album -- 2009's Grace/Wastelands -- and kick-start an acting career. The following year, the Libertines reunited for a series of well-received shows, including gigs at that year's Reading and Leeds festivals. With Babyshambles in limbo, drummer Adam Ficek departed to focus on his own project, Roses Kings Castles, with former Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey stepping in to fill his space. In early 2013, Babyshambles returned to the studio with Stephen Street to record their third album. Recruiting Stereophonics drummer Jamie Morrison to fill the empty drum stool, the band released its third studio album, Sequel to the Prequel, in September 2013. Meanwhile, the Libertines reunited again in 2014, playing sold-out shows at London's Hyde Park and Alexandra Palace, leading the band to work on another album that was due in 2015. ~ Heather Phares
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  1.   Song
  2.   Delivery
  3.   I Wish
  4.   The Blinding
  5.   Albion
  6.   Fuck Forever
  7.   In Love with a Feeling
  8.   Lost Art of Murder
  9.   From Bollywood to Battersea
  10.   Unstookie Titled
  11.   Bonus Material
  12.   La Belle et la Bête
  13.   Deft Left Hand
  14.   French Dog Blues
  15.   There She Goes
  16.   Killamangiro
  17.   My Darling Clementine
  18.   I Wanna Break Your Heart
  19.   Time For Heroes
  20.   Don't Look Back Into The Sun
  21.   Sheepskin
  22.   Bundles
  23.   After Hours
  24.   The Very Last Boy Alive
  25.   Stranger in My Own Skin
  26.   Cuckoo
  27.   Minefield
  28.   Seven Shades
  29.   Picture Me in a Hospital
  30.   Penguins
  31.   Dr. No
  32.   Sequel to the Prequel
  33.   Maybelline
  34.   Fall from Grace
  35.   Farmer's Daughter
  36.   New Pair
  37.   Fireman
  38.   Video - Fuck Forever (Clean Version)
  39.   Crumb Begging
  40.   Revelations
  41.   F**k Forever
  42.   Lost Art of Murder/The Good Old Days
  43.   [CD-Rom Track]
  44.   Baddie's Boogie
  45.   Crumb Begging Baghead
  46.   Side of the Road
  47.   Unbilotitled
  48.   You Talk
  49.   Carry on Up the Morning
  50.   Jail Guitar Doors by The Clash
  51.   Going Down by The Stone Roses
  52.   Just Say Goodbye by Esther Phillips
  53.   Iwe by Noisettes
  54.   New Boy in Town by Cazals
  55.   Their Way by The Litt'lans
  56.   Wolfman
  57.   Janie Jones
  58.   Flop House (Bonus Track)
  59.   What Katy Did
  60.   Kilimangiro
  61.   Love You But You're Green
  62.   Beg, Steal or Borrow
  63.   Sedative
  64.   Do You Know Me
  65.   Man Who Came To Stay
  66.   Merry Go Round
  67.   Up the Morning
  68.   Loyalty Song
  69.   Back from the Dead
  70.   What Katy Did Next
  71.   Pentonville
  72.   8 Dead Boys
  73.   Sticks and Stones
  74.   Pipedown
  75.   The 32nd of December