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Formed in Massachusetts, Bane began as a side project between Aaron Dalbec and members of Converge. After contacting Aaron Bedard, a former drummer in local hardcore punk bands, the group entered the studio in December 1995. After recording a demo, Bane made their live debut in February 1996. The lineup saw the addition of bass player Pete Chilton and released a debut 7" single. In May 1997 Bane released Free to Think, Free to Be, another 7" single. Another guitarist, Zachary Jordan, was added to the group as a member of Converge returned to his top priority. In May 1998 another 7" single, Holding This Moment, was released and was followed by a tour with Saves the Day. In 1999, Bane signed to Equal Vision Records and released the band's debut full-length album, It All Comes Down to This. A national and international tour with Death by Stereo ensued. The group also toured with Good Riddance and Strike Anywhere. In 2001, Bane released Give Blood. They have toured throughout Europe as well as performing at various festivals, including Furnace Fest. The band returned in the spring of 2005 with The Note. A few EPs followed during the rest of the decade, although the project didn't release another album until 2014's Don't Wait Up on Equal Vision. ~ Jason MacNeil
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  1.   Song
  2.   Wrong Planet
  3.   Can We Start Again
  4.   Swan Song
  5.   My Cross to Bear
  6.   Fuck What You Heard
  7.   Broke Wide Open
  8.   Woulda Coulda Shoulda
  9.   At Best
  10.   Release the Hounds
  11.   Ante Up
  12.   Snakes Among Us
  13.   My Therapy
  14.   In Pieces
  15.   The Big Gun Down
  16.   Count Me Out
  17.   Lost at Sea
  18.   What Awaits Us Now
  19.   Calling Hours
  20.   All the Way Through
  21.   Non-Negotiable
  22.   Za Stare Rane
  23.   Sam Sa IstinomBGA671274157Sam Sa Istinom
  24.   Ova Noc
  25.   Don't Go
  26.   Every Effort Made/Lay the Blame
  27.   Her Lucky Pretty Eyes
  28.   I Once Was Blind
  29.   The Paint Chips Away
  30.   Struck Down by Me
  31.   Speechless
  32.   Some Came Running
  33.   Kopija
  34.   Idu Dani
  35.   We Stand Alone
  36.   What Keeps Us Here
  37.   Wasted on the Young
  38.   Hoods Up
  39.   [Untitled Track]
  40.   Ali V. Frazier I
  41.   Sunflowers and Sunsets
  42.   Bang the Drum Slowly
  43.   Superhero
  44.   Park St.
  45.   Pot Committed
  46.   Juzno
  47.   What Holds Us Down
  48.   Place in the Sun
  49.   Eye for an Eye
  50.   What Makes Us Strong
  51.   Srce Ti Ledeno
  52.   One for the Boys
  53.   Forked Tongue
  54.   Post Hoc
  55.   Hard to Find
  56.   Scared
  57.   End with an Ellipsis
  58.   Ti Srca Nemas
  59.   A Bridge Too Far
  60.   [Untitled Track]
  61.   You Wrote This Song for Me
  62.   Both Guns Blazing
  63.   My Therepy
  64.   One Life To Live
  65.   The Bold and the Beautiful
  66.   The Young and the Restless
  67.   Ali Vs. Frazier I
  68.   Untitled
  69.   Untitled
  70.   Final Backward Glance
  71.   Satan's Son

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