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Barry McGuire

Along with Bob Dylan's emergence came countless other folk-based "protest singers" in the early to mid-'60s, including Barry McGuire. Born in Oklahoma City during 1935, McGuire had relocated to New York City and joined up with folk revivalists the New Christy Minstrels by the early '60s. He was anointed the band's lead singer and appeared on several albums and their first hit single, "Green, Green" (which was co-penned by McGuire). Soon after, however, McGuire caught the attention of both record producer Lou Adler and singer/songwriter P.F. Sloan, resulting in the guitarist/singer leaving the New Christy Minstrels and launching a solo career, signing on with Adler's Dunhill Records. McGuire's solo debut, The Barry McGuire Album, was released in 1963, but it wasn't until two years later that McGuire scored a massive hit with the Sloan-penned track "Eve of Destruction," which topped the U.S. charts (peaking at number three in the U.K.) and was taken from his sophomore full-length, Barry McGuire Featuring Eve of Destruction. McGuire became good friends with another Adler-guided outfit, the Mamas & the Papas (who mentioned him in some of their song lyrics), while further solo albums were issued, including This Precious Time and The World's Last Private Citizen, but none spawned any singles as successful as "Eve." By the early '70s, McGuire had turned his back on folk music and he re-appeared as a Christian/gospel artist, signing on with the Myrrh label and issuing such standout albums as 1973's Seeds, 1975's Lighten Up, and a live recording, 1982's To the Bride, among countless others. McGuire put his music career on hold and moved to New Zealand in the mid-'80s with his wife, where they remained until 1990, working with the poverty organization World Vision. Upon his return, McGuire began issuing albums once more, including such titles as El Dorado, Let's Tend God's Earth, Adventures on Son Mountain, and Journey to Bible Times, before teaming up with another gospel singer/guitarist, Terry Talbot, to form an outfit called Talbot McGuire. ~ Greg Prato
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    '60s Oldies
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Barry McGuire

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Barry McGuire

  1.   Song
  2.   Eve of Destruction
  3.   Masters of War
  4.   Praise Ye The Lord
  5.   I Walked a Mile
  6.   Baby Blue
  7.   Green, Green
  8.   Cloudy Summer Afternoon
  9.   The Sins of a Family
  10.   So Long, Stay Well
  11.   Old Paint
  12.   Little Boy
  13.   Upon a Painted Ocean
  14.   Another Country
  15.   Doo Dah
  16.   There Is a Peace
  17.   Bullfrogs and Butterflies
  18.   Peace
  19.   This Precious Time
  20.   I'd Have to Be Outta My Mind
  21.   The Way You Are
  22.   She Belongs to Me
  23.   The Prince Song
  24.   I Wonder
  25.   Love Is
  26.   Happy Road
  27.   God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  28.   Dolphins
  29.   Child of Our Times
  30.   Good Times Is All Done Now
  31.   Communion Song
  32.   Oh Miss Mary by The New Christy Minstrels
  33.   Chosen Generation
  34.   He Alone Is Worthy
  35.   Snow White
  36.   A Friend
  37.   What Good Would It Do
  38.   Am I Seeing You
  39.   Come to Praise the Lord
  40.   Each Other
  41.   Sing the Melody
  42.   He's Coming Back
  43.   Love, Peace, Joy
  44.   Jesus People
  45.   Jimmy's Song
  46.   Intro
  47.   Shock Absorbers
  48.   You Know My Name
  49.   Banjo
  50.   Clouds
  51.   Doesn't the Bible Say
  52.   The Only Way
  53.   Ogre
  54.   Sad Song
  55.   Layers
  56.   We Clap Our Hands
  57.   Brainwashed
  58.   My King
  59.   Inner-Manipulations
  60.   Walkin'
  61.   Ride Around Little Doggies
  62.   Easter Song
  63.   If I Had A Hammer
  64.   Anyone But Jesus
  65.   Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
  66.   Neptune
  67.   What Exactly's the Matter with Me
  68.   Hide Your Love Away
  69.   Which Way's the Light
  70.   Bull 'Gine Run
  71.   Fireball Mail
  72.   Gold Wedding Ring
  73.   Summer's Over
  74.   Town and Country
  75.   Cosmic Cowboy
  76.   Another Man
  77.   The First Time
  78.   Good News Shoes
  79.   Far Side of the Hill by The New Christy Minstrels
  80.   Face to Face
  81.   I Love You, Lord
  82.   Drunken Sailor
  83.   Callin' Me Home
  84.   Acts Intro
  85.   Little Bitty Dude
  86.   The Presence
  87.   Mystery of Life
  88.   Land of Oden
  89.   You Were on My Mind
  90.   One by One
  91.   Flying Merry-Go-Round
  92.   California Dreamin'
  93.   Greenback Dollar
  94.   White Swan