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Bayside formed in the winter of 2000 and quickly developed a following with their melodic, moody, guitar-driven emo. They soon left their native Queens, New York and hit the road, sharing stages across the United States with bands like the Alkaline Trio, Taking Back Sunday, and Further Seems Forever. The band's first release, the Long Stories Short EP, was released by the local Dying Wish Records in August 2001. Touring continued throughout the following year, including festival slots at the Skate and Surf Fest in Asbury, Furnace Fest in Birmingham, and a two-week stint with the Warped Tour. As with many young bands, various lineup changes occurred throughout these early years, and spring 2003 found original members Anthony Raneri (vocals/guitar) and Andrew Elderbaum (bass) cementing a revised incarnation of the band with newcomers Jim Mitchell (drums) and Jack O'Shea (guitar). That same summer, they released a split EP with Name Taken before signing with Chicago powerhouse Victory Records. Sirens and Condolences, a brooding debut album produced by J. Robbins (Jawbox), was issued in January 2004. Along with a relentless show schedule, the guys utilized community-oriented websites like Friendster and MySpace to promote their music and build up a loyal underground following. Also during this time, bassist Nick Ghanbarian (ex-the Movielife, Silent Majority) and N.Y.C. veteran drummer John "Beatz" Holohan joined Bayside's ranks, replacing Elderbaum and Mitchell. Going into their next album, Bayside decided to depart from the group of producers whom many of their peers had been using. Consequently, their August 2005 self-titled sophomore album materialized with Shep Goodman and Ken Gioia at the controls; the producers had previously worked on albums by Mandy Moore and Lee Ann Womack. With their album completed, an energized Bayside hit the road with Hawthorne Heights, Silverstein, and Aiden on the Never Sleep Again tour. But on the morning of October 31, their van hit a patch of ice and flipped over on the way to a show in Salt Lake City. Holohan was tragically killed in the accident and Ghanbarian severely injured. Grieving the loss, Bayside canceled several shows before Raneri and O'Shea decided to honor their friends by pressing on as an acoustic duo. The tour wrapped up at Chicago's House of Blues, where the band recorded the performance and released it February 2006. The live DVD and accompanying ten-song Acoustic EP included a new track, "Winter," which was a tribute to Holohan. After a brief headlining tour, Bayside spent the beginning of 2006 serving as the opening act for the Smoking Popes' reunion tour. With Ghanbarian fully recovered and new drummer Chris Guglielmo on board, the band reprised its relationship with Goodman and Gioia and began working on its next album. The aptly titled The Walking Wounded was issued in early February 2007; it found the guys not explicitly focusing on their earlier tragedy, but instead on survival and moving forward. The punky Shudder followed in 2008, giving Bayside their highest chart placement to date by peaking at number 52. Having fulfilled their contract with Victory, Bayside jumped ship and signed with Wind-Up Records in March 2010, promising a new album by the coming fall. Sessions with producer Gil Norton took slightly longer than expected, with the resulting Killing Time ultimately coming out in early 2011. The band again toured heavily in support of the album before self-releasing the Covers EP in 2012 and announcing that they would start work on another new release. Working once again with producer Shep Goodman and his regular collaborator Aaron Accetta, they set themselves to writing their best album yet, taking elements from all of their previous releases and further honing their distinctive sound. Heavily inspired by a tumultuous year in Raneri's life in which he lost his grandfather, stepfather, and stepbrother, got married, had his first child, and built his first home, the album, eventually titled Cult, was released in 2014 through Hopeless Records. After touring, Raneri found himself at a crossroads in a time of uncertainty, having moved to Nashville and getting divorced. Deciding to combine the unexpected emotional turmoil and embrace his show tune influences, he booked the Tony-nominated Tim O'Heir (Say Anything, Hedwig and the Angry Inch) as producer for Bayside's next album. O'Heir helped the band branch out from the pop format to explore their "dramatic, whimsical side." The result was the album Vacancy, released in 2016. ~ Corey Apar
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  1.   Song
  2.   Devotion and Desire
  3.   Sick, Sick, Sick
  4.   Maybe, Tennessee
  5.   Half a Life
  6.   Beautiful Girls
  7.   Winter
  8.   A Call to Arms
  9.   Don't Call Me Peanut
  10.   No One Understands
  11.   Blame It on Bad Luck
  12.   Masterpiece
  13.   The Walking Wounded
  14.   Phone Call from Poland
  15.   Just Enough to Love You
  16.   The Whitest Lie
  17.   Something's Wrong
  18.   Seeing Sound
  19.   Killing Time
  20.   I Can't Go On
  21.   They Looked Like Strong Hands
  22.   A Synonym for Acquiesce
  23.   Existing in a Crisis (Evelyn)
  24.   Not Fair
  25.   Two Letters
  26.   You're No Match
  27.   Hate Me
  28.   The Wrong Way
  29.   On Love, On Life
  30.   Megan
  31.   Talking of Michelangelo
  32.   It's Not as Depressing as It Sounds
  33.   It Doesn't Make It True
  34.   Mary
  35.   Pretty Vacant
  36.   Call Me by Taking Back Sunday
  37.   Bear With Me
  38.   Transitive Property
  39.   Big Cheese
  40.   Angels We Have Heard On High
  41.   It's Not a Bad Little War
  42.   Already Gone
  43.   A Rite of Passage
  44.   Dear Your Holiness
  45.   Duality
  46.   They're Not Horses, They're Unicorns
  47.   Hello Shitty
  48.   How to Fix Everything
  49.   Alcohol and Alter Boys
  50.   If You're Bored
  51.   This Could Be Our Lives
  52.   The Ghost
  53.   Rumspringa (Heartbreak Road)
  54.   I've Been Dead All Day
  55.   Enemy Lines
  56.   Indiana by Taking Back Sunday
  57.   Dancing Like an Idiot by Taking Back Sunday
  58.   Objectivist on Fire
  59.   Stuttering
  60.   Pigsty
  61.   Time Has Come
  62.   Battle Scars
  63.   The New Flesh
  64.   Sinking and Swimming on Long Island
  65.   Moceanu
  66.   I Think I'll Be OK
  67.   Roshambo
  68.   Have Fun Storming the Castle
  69.   What and What Not
  70.   Boy
  71.   Thankfully
  72.   Landing Feet First
  73.   Choice Hops and Bottled Self Esteem
  74.   Head on a Plate
  75.   Carry On
  76.   (Pop)ular Science
  77.   I and I
  78.   Paternal Reversal
  79.   Dear Tragedy
  80.   We'll Be O.K.
  81.   Montauk
  82.   Tortures of the Damned
  83.   Guardrail
  84.   Poison in My Veins
  85.   Mona Lisa
  86.   Howard
  87.   The Ghost of Saint Valentine
  88.   Baby Britain
  89.   Kellum
  90.   Demons
  91.   You've Already Been