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Beachwood Sparks

Los Angeles-based cosmic country-pop combo Beachwood Sparks were formed in mid-1998 by onetime Strictly Ballroom singer/guitarist Chris Gunst, slide guitarist/keyboardist Dave Scher, ex-Further bassist Brent Rademaker, and Lilys drummer Aaron Sperske. Inspired by the pioneering country-rock efforts of West Coast legends like the Byrds, the Flying Burrito Brothers, and Buffalo Springfield, the group issued acclaimed singles for Bomp! ("Desert Skies") and Sub Pop ("Midsummer Daydream") prior to the spring 2000 release of their superb self-titled debut LP. Their polished sophomore effort, Once We Were Trees, followed in fall 2001. A year later, the band released the EP Make the Cowboy Robots Cry. Around the same time, Beachwood Sparks went on unofficial hiatus, during which time the members pursued various side projects including Rademaker's band the Tyde, which also included Scher and Gunst at times, Scher's All Night Radio, and others. In 2012, Beachwood Sparks reunited for the full-length effort The Tarnished Gold. In 2013, the band's previously unreleased debut album, Desert Skies, from which their initial Bomp! singles were culled, received an official pressing on Alive Naturalsound Records. ~ Jason Ankeny
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Beachwood Sparks

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Beachwood Sparks

Top Songs by
Beachwood Sparks

  1.   Song
  2.   Desert Skies
  3.   Forget the Song
  4.   Canyon Ride
  5.   Silver Morning After
  6.   Talk About Lonesome
  7.   Hibernation by Arlo
  8.   Galapagos by Arlo
  9.   Tarnished Gold
  10.   New County
  11.   Sing Your Thoughts by Arlo
  12.   Jugglers Revenge
  13.   Sparks Fly Again
  14.   Ponce de Leon Blues by Arlo
  15.   Nature's Light
  16.   Time
  17.   The Reminder
  18.   Make It Together
  19.   Something I Don't Recognize
  20.   Banjo Press Conference
  21.   Singing Butterfly
  22.   Alone Together
  23.   Old Manatee
  24.   Close Your Eyes
  25.   The Orange Grass Special
  26.   The Hustler
  27.   Leave That Light On
  28.   Germination
  29.   Midsummer Daydream
  30.   Earl Jean
  31.   The Good Night Whistle
  32.   Charm
  33.   Ballad of Never Rider
  34.   Water from the Well
  35.   Old Sea Miner
  36.   You Take The Gold
  37.   This is What He Feels Like
  38.   Goodbye
  39.   Once We Were Trees
  40.   Ghost Dance 1492 by Arlo
  41.   This Is What It Feels Like
  42.   Hearts Mend
  43.   Sister Rose
  44.   The Calming Seas
  45.   Confusion Is Nothing New
  46.   Mollusk
  47.   Sweet Julie Ann
  48.   The Sun Surrounds Me
  49.   See, Oh Three
  50.   Sleeping Butterfly
  51.   No Queremos Oro
  52.   Watery Moonlight
  53.   By Your Side
  54.   Let It Run
  55.   Yer Selfish Ways
  56.   Drinkswater by Arlo

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